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Galil Expands its Econo Series with New DMC-41x3 Controller with Ethernet/RS232

The DMC-41x3 motion controller is Galil's latest generation Econo motor controller. The DMC-41x3 is available in one through eight axis formats, and each axis is user-configurable for stepper or servo motor operation. Standard programming features include PID compensation with velocity and acceleration feedforward, multitasking for simultaneously running up to eight programs, and I/O processing for synchronizing motion with external events. The DMC-41x3 also accommodates the same stepper and servo motor drives used in the DMC-40x0 Accelera series and allows two 4-axis 500 W drives to be installed in the 8-axis controller package.
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New Lightweight Precision Harmonic Drive™ Gearheads
Ideally suited for robotic and machine tool applications, the new CSG-LW and CSF-LW Harmonic Drive™ gearheads feature:
  • Zero Backlash
  • Accuracy <1 arc-min
  • Smooth operation
  • High efficiency
  • Torques ranging from 450 in-lb. to 60,500 in-lb
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  • What's New
    Prerecorded Webinar: Designing an Optimal Rotary Motion Joint for Robotics & Factory Automation. Webinar Content includes:
  • Overview of Harmonic Drive gearing principles and operation
  • Technical considerations of joint performance
  • Application design examples
  • Design enhancements and...
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