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New ‘DZX’ series of embedded, extended environment servo drives designed to conquer the most demanding of applications!

DZX pcb mount servo drives can control brushed, brushless or voice coil motors under conditions where other products shudder to go. DZX servo drives are constructed to handle outdoor, mobile and otherwise rugged environment applications with extended temperature range, shock/vibration protection and overall increased robustness. With control choices of either CANopen or RS-485/232 networks, the plug-in module concept of the DZX series are not only capable but powerful, compact and affordable servo drive solutions.
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New Lightweight Precision Harmonic Drive™ Gearheads
Ideally suited for robotic and machine tool applications, the new CSG-LW and CSF-LW Harmonic Drive™ gearheads feature:
  • Zero Backlash
  • Accuracy <1 arc-min
  • Smooth operation
  • High efficiency
  • Torques ranging from 450 in-lb. to 60,500 in-lb
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  • What's New
    Prerecorded Webinar: Designing an Optimal Rotary Motion Joint for Robotics & Factory Automation. Webinar Content includes:
  • Overview of Harmonic Drive gearing principles and operation
  • Technical considerations of joint performance
  • Application design examples
  • Design enhancements and...
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