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High Performance 40mm DC Micromotor provides 150 Watt's of Power

Maxon's new RE40 series use powerful rare earth magnets to maximize torque available in a 40mm diameter package. The patented rhombic moving coil design provides for long life, low electrical noise, fast acceleration and high efficiency. The ironless rotor allows for zero cogging and simple accurate control. Maximum efficiency is 86% depending on the winding. Ambient temperature range is from -20C to 100C (-4F to 212F). Several different windings are available to match desired speed with available voltage. Matching gearheads and encoders are also available for the motor. Due to their high performance and small size, Maxon's RE40 motors are particularly suitable for a variety of applications including robotics, automation equipment, pumps, bio-medical devices, and semiconductor manufacturing.
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New Lightweight Precision Harmonic Drive™ Gearheads
Ideally suited for robotic and machine tool applications, the new CSG-LW and CSF-LW Harmonic Drive™ gearheads feature:
  • Zero Backlash
  • Accuracy <1 arc-min
  • Smooth operation
  • High efficiency
  • Torques ranging from 450 in-lb. to 60,500 in-lb
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  • What's New
    Prerecorded Webinar: Designing an Optimal Rotary Motion Joint for Robotics & Factory Automation. Webinar Content includes:
  • Overview of Harmonic Drive gearing principles and operation
  • Technical considerations of joint performance
  • Application design examples
  • Design enhancements and...
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