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The Lintech 140 series linear actuators are designed to handle light loads at very high speeds. These linear slides use a low friction, preloaded, recirculating linear ball bearing system, which ride on a single precision ground linear square rail. The linear profile rail is mounted to a precision machined aluminum base, which offers a rigid support over the entire travel of the table's carriage. The load is mounted to a precision machined aluminum carriage, which has threaded stainless steel inserts for high strength and wear life. The drive system uses two pulleys, along with a high strength, steel reinforced polyurethane belt, which provides 3.543 inches (90 mm) of linear movement per revolution of the input shaft. The simple belt tensioning system allows for easy adjustment of belt tension by the user. NEMA 23 & 34 motor mounts, or gearhead mounts are available as well as planetary gearheads.


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Manufacturer Lintech
Short Description 140 Series, 36" Max Stroke, 100 lbs Max Dynamic Load, 78 in/s Max Speed
Bearing Guide Mechanism Profile Rail
Carriage Length (mm) 102
Carriage Length (in) 4
Carriage Width (mm) 73
Carriage Width (in) 2.875
Drive Mechanism Belt Drive
Dynamic Load Capacity (kg) 45.4
Dynamic Load Capacity (lbs) 100
Material Aluminum|Stainless Steel
Max Height (mm) 76.2
Max Height (in) 3
Max Width (mm) 73
Max Width (in) 2.875
Max Length (mm) 1168
Max Length (in) 46
Max Linear Travel (mm) 914
Max Linear Travel (in) 36
Max Linear Velocity (m/s) 1.98
Max Linear Velocity (in/s) 78
Min Operating Temperature (°C) -18
Min Operating Temperature (°F) 0
Max Operating Temperature (°C) 80
Max Operating Temperature (°F) 176
Repeatability (mm) 0.0002
Repeatability (in) 0.00508
Output Feedback Home Switch (Optional)|Limit Switches (Optional)
Series 140 Series
140 Series, 36" Max Stroke, 100 lbs Max Dynamic Load, 78 in/s Max Speed

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