Application Worksheets

These Application Worksheets will simplify the process of product selection and will shorten the length of time between product selection/design, quoting and production.

When you’ve filled out the form for your selected product, please email it back to us at for our applications engineers to review. We will then get in touch with you to discuss the best options for your requirement.

Advanced Motion Controls Servo Amplifier Selection Form   

Lintech Application Worksheet for Ballscrews

Lintech Application Worksheet for Positioning Stages

Lintech Application Worksheet for Shafting

Nippon Pulse Application Worksheet for Linear Shaft Motors

Nippon Pulse Application Worksheet for Tin Can Stepper Motors

Macron Dynamics Application Worksheet for Belt Driven Stages

Tolomatic Rod-Style Actuator Application Worksheet

Tolomatic Rodless Actuator Application Worksheet

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