Rolled Thread Ball Screws

Rolled screws using ball nuts offer high efficiencies and long life but have audible noise and are the least smooth option. The solid nut will give the least audible noise and the smoothest motion but have the shortest life span and lowest efficiency. The ball nut assemblies are 100 percent duty cycle, while the solid nut versions are only up to 50 percent duty cycle. There is a wide range of dynamic and static load ratings that all are rated to 1 million inches of travel and 100 million inches of travel with reduced loads.

The RS Series Ball Screw Assemblies from Lintech maximize performance and provide design flexibility at the lowest cost. These assemblies utilize a rolled ball screw with preloaded or non-preloaded nuts. The RS series has the widest range of screw and nut options. Screw pitches are both imperial and metric, while the nuts can range from a pre-loaded or non pre-loaded ball nut to a pre-loaded or non pre-loaded solid (Turcite) nut. The preloaded nut assembly offers high bidirectional repeatability by eliminating backlash. 

These ball screw assemblies are typically used when a complete positioning system is too costly or does not fit the users exact positioning system requirements. When combined with linear bearings & rails, a custom positioning system can be created. These steel ball screws are provided with precision machined steel supports for end bearing housings. The support housings are available in three styles (simple, fixed, and rigid). The fixed and rigid housings have precision machined shoulders that allow for a NEMA motor mount to be factory or field-installed. These ball screw positioning components are designed to allow for numerous configurations through the use of rotary encoders, different diameter and lead combinations, power-off electric brakes or motor wrap packages.


  • Complete ball screw assembly with end supports
  • Screw Style:  Rolled
  • Screw Diameters:  0.500 inch, 0.625 inch, 0.750 inch, 1.00 inch, 1.500 inch
  • Screw Leads:  0.200 & 0.500 inch (for RS050 & RS075), 0.200 & 1.000 inch (for RS062),  0.250, 0.500 & 1.000 inch (for RS100),  0.250, 0.500, 1.000 & 2.000 inch (for RS150)
  • Screw Lengths:  up to 137 inches depending on diameter
  • Lead Error:  < 0.003 inches / ft (for RS050, RS062, RS075), < 0.009 inches / ft (for RS100), < 0.013 inches / ft (for RS150)
  • End Supports:  Simple-Simple, Fixed-Simple, Rigid-Simple, Rigid-Rigid
  • Mounting:  English & Metric

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RS Series Selection Chart