Connectivity Management Software (IoT)

A successful connectivity management software platform is a key component for bringing your business up to Industry 4.0 standards. The main elements that make a successful IIoT system are:

  1. Intelligent machines with sensors, processors, memory, and communication capabilities.
  2. A data infrastructure capable of storing all the information the machines send.
  3. An analytic application to turn that data into information. 
  4. People to take the data to generate better decisions based on the analysis generated by these resources.

To manage the data infrastructure and analytics Electromate recommends Corvina Cloud, an advanced connectivity management solution that puts you in control of your IIoT business.

Corvina Cloud is robust, highly scalable, and offers advanced VPN capabilities. The user interface is incredibly clean and easy to use.

Web-based it allows all your remote devices, networks and users to are able to communicate securely. It can be offered as an on-premise cloud infrastructure that delivers the uptime and performance needed for industrial applications and control services at any scale.

   Why Should You Consider Corvina?

  • Single click of the mouse to gain access to all devices
  • Enables maintenance and installation cost reduction
  • Increases Industry 4.0 implementation by completing the IIoT Whole Product Solution of the X Platform
  • Allows new business services opportunity to final user
  • Shows location and status information of all devices in the field
  • Access to web server of device using standard browser on pc, tablet and mobile
  • Creation and management of multiple small entities on the same installation.
  • Break up a large enterprise into smaller departments, that shall remain separate and host all of them on a single Corvina interface.
  • Completely accessible and configurable from browser

Key Benefits:

Advanced VPN for IIoT Security

A powerful and highly scalable solution that offers advanced VPN capabilities with a simple web-based interface allows all your remote devices, networks and users to be able to communicate seamlessly.

Industry standard encryption technology ensures your data stays protected in transit for complete IoT security.

Granular role-based access permissions allow users to only gain access to required resources and nothing else.

Isolating for Maintenance and Installation

Corvina Cloud 1.0 uses a SSL VPN technology (OpenVPN) to allow both installation and maintenance to be made remotely and highly securely.

Non functioning devices can be identified from the portal and isolated to be worked on.

This can help save time and money and minimize network downtime.


In traditional VPN solutions, there is no support for helping users to identify or link their local applications to remote VPN resources. This has the consequence that users have to remember IP addresses or require the use of complicated DNS systems.
Corvina Cloud 1.0 solves this issue by allowing you to specify “application links” which will launch a local application on a user’s computer and connect it to a remote resource automatically and with just a single click of the mouse.

Subnet Mapping

One of the most common challenges industrial networks are faced with is the problem whereby multiple locations have the same subnet, making it impossible to implement a central VPN management tool without significant intervention.

Corvina Cloud 1.0 is the only solution on the market that can seamlessly resolve this routing nightmare, allowing your deployment to go smoothly.

USB Provisioning

With distributed networks that span large territories, it’s common for the IT staff to experience a lot of traveling to deploy network equipment. This takes a lot of time, not to mention incredible cost.

With the USB Provisioning tool, devices can be easily pre-configured on a USB stick and shipped out to their location for a simple, secure installation.

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