Linear Displacement Transducers & Position Sensors

Linear displacement transducers are linear sensors that work on the magnetostrictive principle, whereby a torsional strain pulse is induced in a specially designed magnetostrictive waveguide by the momentary interaction of two magnetic fields. The interaction between these two magnetic fields (one from the moving magnet and one passing along the outside of the transducer) produces a strain pulse which travels at sonic speed along the sensor waveguide until the pulse is detected at the head of the transducer where the electronics are embedded.

The position of the moving magnet is precisely determined by measuring the elapsed time between the current pulse and the arrival of the strain pulse, resulting in a position measurement system that is capable of providing an accurate and repeatable incremental or absolute measurement. Linear displacement sensors feature multi magnet function that can detect multiple positions simultaneously and support variety of fieldbus formats (SSI, CANBus, DeviceNet, Profibus, etc.).

Temposonics manufacture Absolute Linear Position Sensors for industrial machinery and light industrial applications. Temposonics ® are available with three different housing styles: rod style for hydraulic/pneumatic cylinders; aluminum extrusion profile style for machine surface mounting; and a flexible style which is ideal for position measurement along an arc. Electromate supplies linear displacement transducers & position sensors throughout Canada in regions like Ontario, British Columbia, and Quebec.

Temposonics Line-Wide Features:

  • Ruggedized constructions
  • Linear and absolute measurement
  • LEDs for sensor diagnostics
  • Contactless sensing with the highest durability
  • Superior accuracy: linearity better 0.01 %
  • Repeatability 0.001 %
  • Up to 2 micron resolution
  • Multiple (magnet) position sensing
  • Programmable limit switch outputs
  • Industrial standard communication protocols

Temposonics family of Linear Displacement Transducers includes:

R Series Transducers

Smart sensor models for fast, high precision and synchronized position control applications.  Optimum performance for industrial applications – this is what the Temposonics R-Series position sensors offer. Temposonics magnetostrictive technology is maximized with powerful electronics and double-shielded construction that assures immunity against interference, resulting in a robust design that produces the highest accuracy measurements.  R Series models support multiple Fieldbus outputs including:  EtherCAT, SSI, CanBus, DeviceNet, ProfiBus, EtherNet/IP, Profinet and Analog.

G Series Transducers

Backward compatibility and upgraded performance for legacy sensor retrofits.  G-Series sensors feature a microprocessor-based design with enhanced diagnostics and programmability, offering the flexibility to fit a wide range of applications.  One of the primary benefits is the direct backward compatibility for retrofitting legacy sensor models.  G-Series sensors are available with analog outputs (voltage or current) or digital-pulse outputs (Start/Stop or PWM).  G Series models support Analog (voltage and current), PWM and Start/Stop outputs. 

C Series Transducers

Temposonics C-Series embeddable sensors offers small size and attractive volume prices for those OEM’s who want to integrate a sensor that can take advantage of the application’s inherent architecture for protecting the sensor from environmental influences while reducing cost. Temposonics offers fasten-on protective housing options for these products when embedding is not feasible. C-Series sensors are suitable for continuous position or level measurement in commercial and light industrial applications.

A Series Transducers

Designed for automation applications, the A-Series can provide absolute position feedback to a PLC while simultaneously providing position and velocity feedback to a motor drive using an incremental encoder interface.

T Series Transducers

The T-Series family of sensors are designed for applications found in Hazardous (Increased Safety & Flameproof) and Safety (SIL) regulated environments.  Temposonics magnetostrictive technology is maximized with powerful electronics and double-shielded construction that assures immunity against interference, resulting in a robust design that produces the highest accuracy measurements.

E Series Transducers

Economical sensor models for simplistic position feedback applications.  The E-series is the basic sensor in the product range of magnetostrictive position sensors.  Its excellent price-performance ratio is an unbeatable asset even for traditional users of different position measurement technologies. G Series models support Analog (voltage and current) and Start/Stop outputs.  

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