Photoelectric Sensors

Photoelectric sensors and diffuse sensors are the standard sensors in automation technology. 

SensoPart has the right sensor for almost every application. Their product portfolio offers a comprehensive selection of differing sizes, ranges and switching variants.

Regardless of whether you choose a sub-miniature sensor for restricted machine conditions or a large housing with a particularly long range or scanning distance – all SensoPart sensors share excellent performance data, high reliability and solid workmanship.

Photoelectric sensors and diffuse sensors offer precise background suppression, extremely accurate small-part detection or reliable detection of transparent objects. They also operate extremely reliably in harsh industrial conditions: our current sensor series have tightly sealed (IP 69 / IP 67) plastic housings and are immune to cleaning according to the Ecolab standard.

Photoelectric Sensor Features:

  • Sophisticated laser technology - small, precise laser light spots for highly-accurate small-part detection
  • Wide variety of setting options: potentiometer, teach-in, external control cable or fixed pre-setting
  • Different transmission light sources for a wide range of requirements: laser, LED or infrared light transmitters
  • Intelligent mounting solutions for easy installation and adjustment

Mounting and alignment are easy and rapid with products from SensoPart. Accessories are thought-out and user-friendly accessories.

Examples include:

  • Dovetail mounting
  • The adjustment possibilities via Teach-in button and control input
  • Autodetect function (only available from SensoPart), with which sensors can automatically determine whether PNP or NPN wiring is present – so that only one sensor variant is required
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