Industrial PC Solutions

Exor's Panel PC Products feature Industrial PCs from size 6.4" up to 19", with touchscreen, high speed CPU and multiple configurations. Ultra Slim, fanless 10.4" and 15" units are also available.

All products have a TFT display and a touchscreen interface. High brightness versions for readability under difficult conditions of illuminations are available. A choice of Windows XP Professional or a diskless system with Windows XP Embedded is available.

The eTOP-EPC(Embedded Personal Computer) is a new family of Industrial Personal Computers designed to offer reliability and performance without compromises. The eTOP-EPC rugged design for direct panel mounting make it ideal for most industrial, building automation and maritime applications.

Features Include:

  • Fanless. The low-power design results in optimal performance with very low power consumption. The product does not require a forced air cooling system. Reliable operation is ensured over the complete operating temperature range.  The PCI interface option requires fan cooling due to the extra power consumption of the PCI board
  • Embedded. A compact CPU board integrates all the facilities required by an industrial Panel PC. The system includes 2 compact flash slots, one PC/104 expansion slot, 4+4 isolated digital I/O and one socket for non-volatile RAM.
  • Diskless. Embedded operating systems and solid-state memories (CompactFlash) offer the highest reliability for the most difficult environments.
  • Optional PCI expansion slot. This option includes one internal slot compatible with half-size PCI boards. The option offers compatibility with popular data acquisition and networking solutions.
  • Optional UPS back-up.  This add-on module offers increased system availability. The UPS module allows up to 15 minutes of operation without power with internal batteries. 
  • Available with 12.1" and 15" TFT display size
  • High-brightness display option
  • Exor Industrial PC SolutionsTouchscreen 
  • Transmeta TC5900 CPU
  • Available with Windows XP or Windows XP Embedded OS
  • Cut-out compatible with UniOP products
  • 10/100 ethernet port
  • Front and rear USB 2.0 ports
  • Options UPS module
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