Linear Rails & Slides

We carry both Schneerberger and Haydon Kerk systems. 

Schneeberger Cross Roller Bearing Frictionless Tables and Slides are renowned for the highest degree of accuracy, reliability and the ultimate in operating characteristics. Preloaded anti-friction guideways make these cross roller bearing tables absolutely play free. They are less sensitive to shocks, have a higher load capacity, higher rigidity, better damping behavior against vibrations, and frictionless motion.

Haydon Kerk™ Linear Rail Systems use a precision lead screw assembly mechanism to provide controlled positioning along the axis of a robust aluminum linear slide. The LRS™ Linear Rail System consists of a stationary base with a load bearing carriage that travels along a custom extruded aluminum rail of varying lengths. The carriage is a small platform with sliding element linear bearings that glide within this specially configured extrusion. The lead screw used in the system is provided with various leads and shaft end configurations that accommodate virtually any source of rotary power.

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Linear Rail System Selection Chart

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  1. ND Series Linear Rails & Slides Schneeberger
    ND Series

    Sizes 1-3, ND Series, 12-90 mm Stroke, 20-278 kg Max Dynamic Load

  2. NDN Series Linear Rails & Slides Schneeberger
    NDN Series

    Sizes 05-2, NDN Series, 5-70 mm Stroke, 2-38 kg Max Dynamic Load

  3. NK Series Linear Rails & Slides Schneeberger
    NK Series

    Sizes 1-9, NK Series, 10-450 mm Stroke, 25-2519 kg Max Dynamic Load

  4. NKL Series Linear Rails & Slides Schneeberger
    NKL Series

    Sizes 1-6, NKL Series, 10-280 mm Stroke, 25-1513 kg Max Dynamic Load

4 Items

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