Manual Positioning Tables

Schneeberger NHSchneeberger NH2 Single Axis Linear Tables

Schneeberger type NH2 single axis Linear Tables are constructed with Schneeberger R2 - linear guideways. Manual positioning is provided by a micrometer with a reading accuracy of 0.01mm.

Table parts are lightly loaded onto the micrometer. The micrometer is fastened on the side or front of the stage. Tables of the same size can easily be assembled into 2 axis configuration.

All designs feature a clamping system on the side of the stage. Table parts are constructed with anodized aluminum. Linear guideways are provided in corrosion resistant steel. Tables can be integrated in any place.

Schneeberger NFMSchneeberger NFM Single Axis Linear Tables & Stages

Schneeberger type NFM single axis Linear Tables provide manual positioning by a precision lead-screw with anti-backlash nut, and are available in strokes from 25mm to 150mm.

Manual positioning is provided by a graduated drum that can be set to zero position. The reading accuracy is 0.01mm.

Table parts are constructed with anodized aluminum, MINIRAIL linear guideways and lead screws in corrosion resistant steel.

NFM stages can be integrated in any plane. Optional clamping device and hand cranks are also available.

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