Roller Recirculating Units

Schneeberger Roller Recirculating Units are Linear Guidance Systems for Unlimited Stroke Lengths. According to the model and loading, balls or rollers are used which are returned internally, load-free, so that continuous motion is ensured.  These flat roller & ball recirculating units are characterized by:

  • Low pulsation and low friction
  • High load carrying capacity and rigidity
  • Great precision

A restriction in the stroke is actually only given by the length of the guideways used. Schneeberger recirculating units are used for anti-friction guideways among other things in robotics, in the construction of machinery in general and in measuring instruments i. e. everywhere where medium to high demands are placed on the accuracy of the system. 

Types include:

Type NRT and NRV

NRT and NRV Selection Chart

Type SK and SKD

SK and SKD Selection Chart

Type SKC

SKC and SR Selection Chart

Type SR

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