Shaft Supports

Lintech's shaft supports product family consists of precision linear shafting, shaft supports, shaft support blocks & rails, shaft assemblies, round rail linear bearings, super ball bushings, pillow blocks and carriage assemblies. The cut-to-length, 1060 case hardened steel precision linear shafting is available in both Inch and Metric diameters with different Class tolerances. Class L, Class S, and Class N shafting is available.Shaft assemblies are provided in single and dual rail versions, with diameters from 0.5 inch (12 mm) to 2.0 inch (50 mm) and lengths to 192 inches (4800 mm). Open and closed linear bearings & pillow blocks are provided in both inch and metric sizes. 

The single shaft assemblies (SA series), along with linear bearings (SLBO & DLBO), are typically used when the mechanical designers wish to spread apart the SA series and make their own custom carriage assembly. The dual shaft assemblies (TRSA series) and carriage assemblies (TRCA series) are utilized when ease of installation is of essence. The pre-aligned shafts on the TRSA series and the pre-aligned linear bearings on the TRCA series allow the user to quickly mount the components in their system.

Lintech's family of cost-effective short-delivery End Shaft Supports and Support Blocks includes:

ES End Shaft Support Blocks - Aluminum and steel end support housings (ES series) provide a simple means to fix the ends of a shaft to a mounting surface. The ES-S series is manufactured from 1045 steel, while the ES-A series is manufactured from 6061-T6 aluminum. Available for shaft diameters 0.500 to 2.000 inches.

ARS & LSRS Shaft Supports - Aluminum and steel shaft supports provide a simple means to fix a shaft to a user mounting surface in an application that requires the shaft to be fully supported over its entire length. The ARS series is manufactured from 6061-T6 aluminum, while the low profile LSRS series is manufactured from C-1018 steel. Available for shaft diameters 0.500 to 2.000 inches.

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