Lifting Columns

Electromate is proud to offer Ewellix Lifting Columns. Renowned for their superior quality and performance, these lifting columns are meticulously designed to provide precise, reliable, and efficient vertical motion solutions.

Their robust design ensures unmatched stability and durability, making them an ideal choice for diverse applications.

Equipped with state-of-the-art technology, Ewellix Lifting Columns promise high-speed, quiet operation with minimal vibration, enhancing workspace productivity and safety.

Their user-friendly design facilitates easy integration with various systems, creating flexible and convenient working environments.

Understanding that each application has its unique needs, Ewellix offers Customized Lifting Columns to cater to your specific requirements. Their bespoke solutions bring together a blend of innovation, technology, and experience to deliver lifting columns tailored to your operational needs.

With custom stroke lengths, mounting options, load capacities, and additional features, Ewellix ensures the highest standards of performance, safety, and quality are maintained. These customized solutions not only enhance system performance, but also contribute to creating efficient and ergonomic working environments. 

Whether it's for medical, industrial, office, or home applications, Ewellix Lifting Columns stand for unmatched quality and reliability. Improve your vertical motion system with Ewellix - the leader in the field of precision engineering.

Lifting Column Products we Provide:

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  1. LiftKit-UR by Ewellix

    7th axis solution for enhanced robotic automation.

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