Rotary Stages

A Rotary Stage is a mechanical component of a motion system used to rotate an object in a single axis or plane of rotation.  The terms rotary stage or rotary table are often used interchangeably with rotary stage.  All rotary positioning stages consist of a platform and a base, joined by some form of bearing or guide in such a way that the platform is restricted to rotation about a single axis or plane with respect to the base.  In common usage, the term rotary stage may or may not also include the mechanism by which the angular position of the platform is controlled relative to the base.

Rotary Stages use a precision machined worm gear assembly and either ball, cross roller, or angular contact bearings to support the table-top load. The selection of different gear ratios allow for either high resolution or high speed in a low profile package. The use of any step motor or servo motor system to drive rotary tables is a key advantage since it allows the use of a preferred motion control system.

Lintech Rotary Stages:

300 Series Rotary Stages

Features a rigid pair of quality angular contact bearings which produce smooth table-top rotation. All aluminum components have a black anodized finish. Each table can have either a NEMA 23 or 34 motor mount attached.

400 Series Rotary Stages

Features a pair of 4 point contact radial ball bearings which produce smooth table-top rotation. This rugged construction offers load capacities of 1000 pounds (453 kgf) and moment loads of 225 ft-lbs (305 N-m). The NEMA 34 motor mount and bushing can be positioned radially 360 degrees for convenient motor location.

Comparison Chart:

Table Series Dynamic Load Capacity Rotary Bearing Type Ratios Tale Top Diameters (in) Through Hole (in) Accuracy Unidirectional Repeatability
300 225 (102) angular contact 45:1, 90:1, 180:1 6, 8, 10, 12 0.750 < 150 < 10
400 1000 (453) 4 point contact 30:1, 90:1, 180:1, 270:1, 360:1  5.48 4.500 < 180 < 12

Lintech Rotary Stages Features:

  • Optional: Cover plates, gearheads, EOT & Home switches, linear & rotary encoders, power-off electric brakes, motor wrap packages and versatile mounting brackets for multiple axis applications
  • Multiple gear ratio options
  • A variety of NEMA and metric motor mounts and couplings

Lintech Rotary Stages Applications:

300 & 400 Series Rotary Stages from Lintech offer precision performance and design flexibility for use in a wide variety of Motion Control applications, including:

  • Gluing
  • Pick & Place
  • Part Scanning
  • Inspection Stations
  • General Automation
  • Welding
  • Test Stands
  • Part Insertion
  • Laser Positioning
  • Liquid Dispensing
  • Semiconductor Processing

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