Brushed Mini Motors

15:09:56The uniqueness of brushed mini motors lies in their design and functionality. The incorporation of powerful permanent magnets and an innovative ironless rotor design minimizes the mass moment of inertia, a critical factor that enables these motors to achieve very high acceleration.

This feature is particularly beneficial for applications requiring rapid speed changes or precise control over movement.

Brushed Mini Motor Key Features:

  • High Acceleration: The low mass moment of inertia allows for quick response times and high acceleration, making these motors highly dynamic.
  • Low Electromagnetic Interference: Maxon's brushed mini motors are designed to produce minimal electromagnetic interference, an essential attribute for sensitive applications where interference could be detrimental.
  • Efficient Energy Conversion: The low inductance of these motors ensures efficient conversion of electrical energy into mechanical motion, enhancing their overall performance.
  • Predictable Performance: The remarkable linearity in the relationship between voltage and speed, as well as load and current, makes these motors exceptionally reliable and predictable in their operation.

Brushed Mini Motor Appicaitons:

Brushed mini motors are best suited for applications where precision, rapid movements, and reliability are crucial. Their high acceleration capabilities and efficient performance make them ideal for:

  • Robotic systems where precise and agile movements are required.
  • Medical devices that demand high reliability and interference-free operation.
  • Portable electronic devices where compactness and efficiency are valued.
  • Automotive applications that benefit from the motor's quick response and reliability.

maxon Brushed Mini Motor Selection Guide:

Maxon's Moving Coil Rotor Motors offer a multitude of advantages in their design. They are characterized by high acceleration capabilities, thanks to their low mass inertia, which allows for swift and precise movements.

Additionally, these motors boast low electromagnetic interference, making them ideal for applications where electromagnetic interference must be minimized.

Their low inductance contributes to their efficiency, ensuring that energy is effectively converted into motion. Furthermore, they exhibit a remarkable linearity in their performance, maintaining consistent relationships between voltage and load speed, as well as load and current.

This linearity makes them exceptionally predictable and reliable. Everything you need to know about the motor is here.

maxon's Brush Mini Motor Product Lines:

A-max program

Maxon A-max stands for high-quality DC motors with an optimal price/performance ratio. The motors use an ironless rotor and AINiCo magnets. Thanks to automated manufacturing, the Maxon A-max motors offer top performance at an attractive price. Choose from six motor sizes:

Ø 12, 16, 19, 22, 26 and 32 mm
0.5 – 20 W

Characteristics of the Maxon A-max range:

  • Good price/performance ratio
  • No magnetic cogging
  • DC motor with AlNiCo magnet
  • Torsionally rigid shaft
  • Automated manufacturing process


DCX program

Configure and order the new DCX products easily online. The program includes brush servo motors, accompanying planetary gearheads and encoders. You can also configure all components yourself through a user-friendly eStore. View a 2minute YouTube video on the features of Maxon's DCX Brush Servo Motor Product Family: Maxon DCX Motor Features YouTube Video

Ø 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 19, 22, 26, 32, and 35 mm

0.3 – 80 W

Characteristics of the Maxon DCX range:

  • Configure and order custom assemblies online
  • Multiple options available
  • Assemblies ship in 11 business days or sooner
  • 3D CAD Drawings available for immediate download
  • Unsurpassed power density
  • Good price/performance ratio
  • Robust construction
  • Automated manufacturing process

DC-max program

Powerful neodymium magnets, state-of-the-art winding technology, cost-optimized design, economical manufacturing: Maxon DC-max motors feature maximum performance with compact dimensions and offer unrivaled value. Configure the sizes Ø 16 and 22 mm. Select from graphite and precious metal brushes, sintered and ball bearings, and many other components.

Ø 16, 22, and 22 mm

2.0 – 22 W

Characteristics of the Maxon DC-max program:

  • High performance at low cost
  • The rational manufacturing and design of the A-max motors combined with the higher power density of NdFeB magnets
  • Automated manufacturing process
  • Configurable online
  • Fast delivery

RE program

Maxon RE motors are energy-efficient DC motors (efficiency > 90 %), equipped with powerful permanent magnets (rare earth). The centerpiece of the motor is the worldwide patented ironless rotor. This means cutting-edge technology for compact, powerful drives with low inertia. Thanks to the low mass moment of inertia, the DC motors have a high acceleration. Size range includes:

Ø 6 – 65 mm 
0.3 – 250 W

Characteristics of the Maxon RE motors:

  • High power density
  • No magnetic cogging
  • High-quality DC motor with NdFeB magnet
  • High speeds and torques
  • Robust design (metal flange)

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Brushed Mini Motor Products:

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A-max Brushed DC Motors by Maxon

A-max Brushed DC Motors

The DC motor for getting started

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DC Max Brushed DC Motors by Maxon

DC Max Brushed DC Motors

Maximum performance and compact dimensions

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DCX Brushed DC Motors by Maxon

DCX Brushed DC Motors

Unsurpassed power density and absolute quiet running.

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