Housed Direct Drive Motors

Housed direct drive rotary motors are often referred to as housed torque (or torquer) motors because of their ability to produce high torque at low speeds, even when stalled. Torque motors tend to be brushless, permanent magnet synchronous motors — much like a traditional servo motor, but with a higher pole count.

Housed direct drive rotary motors are typically available in a hollow-shaft configuration with integrated feedback devices (resolvers, single and multi-turn sine encoders, etc.)   Most units are provided with internal high capacity bearings; however, some housed models are bearingless and require external bearings to support the rotor. 

If you are looking for frameless direct drive rotary motors, please visit our frameless page. 

Housed Direct Drive Motors by Manufacturer

Leveraging over 70 years of product innovation, Kollmorgen pioneered the development of direct drive technology. Today, their Direct Drive Rotary (DDR) and KBM Frameless motor solutions offer industry-leading performance, zero maintenance, clean mechanical assembly, improved accuracy, higher throughput, better reliability, and smooth, quiet operation to suit a wide variety of machine design needs. The concept of Direct Drive technology involves replacing conventional servo motors coupled to some form of mechanical transmission such as gearbox, timing belts, pulleys, or ballscrews. Mechanical transmissions introduce backlash, mechanical losses and noise that can reduce machine performance.

In addition, mechanical transmissions increase machine size and weight. Direct Drive motors, either housed (DDR), partially housed (CDR) or frameless (KBM) directly mount to the load to be driven thereby eliminating such challenges and in many cases provides a much more robust alternative. System maintenance is greatly reduced as mechanical parts prone to wear are removed, dramatically improving overall MTBF rates. Improved load acceleration, lower power consumption, reduced system inertia, and higher precision are major advantages that direct drive solutions can provide.

Cartridge DDR® Series

Direct-Drive-SeriesOur exclusive Cartridge DDR® servomotors combine the performance advantages of a frameless motor with the ease of installation of a full-frame motor. The advanced electromagnetic design provides up to 50 percent more torque density than comparably sized conventional servo motors. Features include:

  • 5 frame sizes, multiple lengths
  • 230 / 400 / 480 VAC windings available (high and low)
  • 4.5 to 510 N-m (3.3 lb-ft to 376 lb-ft) continuous torque accommodates a wide range of high-power application requirements
  • Speeds up to 2,500 rpm meet most medium speed and high torque application requirements
  • Power ratings from 775 to 11,700 watts meet high power demands for most applications
  • Integral sine encoder feedback provides resolution of over 134 million counts per revolution
  • Built-in thermistor provides over-temperature protection
  • UL Listed and CE Compliant for global acceptance

Housed D & DH Series


Housed DDR servomotors offer high torque density, precise performance and zero maintenance in an easily installed servo solution. Features include:

  • D Series: 240 VAC line power
  • DH Series: 400/480 VAC line power
  • 5.3 to 339 N-m (3.9 to 250 lb-ft) continuous torque accommodates a wide range of application requirements
  • Speeds up to 800 rpm meet most high torque / low speed application requirements
  • Power ratings up to 3,240 watts meet the high power demands of most applications
  • High-resolution sine encoder feedback devices provide exceptional accuracy and repeatability below one arc-second
  • Optional rugged multi-speed resolver feedback provides reliable operation in harsh environments
  • IP65 and 67 shaft sealing resists dust and water jets
  • Built-in thermistor provides over-temperature protection
  • CE Compliant, UL Recognition for global acceptance

Akribis offers various types of DDRs, including ADR-A series, ADR-P series and ACD series. We also design many customized direct drive motors according to specific applications.

Akribis Motors Include

ACD Motor Coreless Direct Drive Rotary Motor

  • Coreless Direct Drive Rotary Motor
  • Direct drive, zero cogging coreless motor
  • Encoder options of SINCOS or digital
  • Precise homing through index pulse
  • Fast response and setting
  • Smooth motion even at low speeds

ACW SeriesDirect Drive Rotary Motor

  • Direct Drive Rotary Motor
  • Direct drive, brushless motor fully integrated with encoder and bearing
  • No cogging
  • Precise homing through index pulse
  • Large center hole
  • Low profile

ADR-A Motor Direct Drive Rotary Motor

  • Direct Drive Rotary Motor
  • Direct drive, brushless motor fully integrated with encoder and bearing
  • Low cogging torque
  • Low speed and high speed windings
  • Optical encoder or magnetic encoder options

ADR-B Series Direct Drive Rotary Motor

  • Direct Drive Rotary Motor
  • Direct drive, brushless motor using ironcore technology
  • Diameter of 110 mm, 135 mm, 175 mm, and 220 mm
  • High torque with low inertia
  • Low cogging torque

ATR Series The fastest Direct Drive Rotary Motor

  • The fastest Direct Drive Rotary Motor
  • High torque, low rotor inertia
  • No back iron in rotor
  • Excellent dynamic performance

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  1. C041A (240 VAC) Kollmorgen Cartridge DDR Series Frameless Motors
    C041A (240 VAC)

    108mm Frame Size, 4.57 Nm Max Cont. Torque, 1750 RPM Max Speed

  2. C041B (240 VAC) Frameless Motors Kollmorgen
    C041B (240 VAC)

    108mm Frame Size, 4.52 Nm Max Cont. Torque, 2500 RPM Max Speed

  3. C042A (240 VAC) Frameless Motors Kollmorgen
    C042A (240 VAC)

    108mm Frame Size, 8.25 Nm Max Cont. Torque, 1700 RPM Max Speed

  4. C042B (240 VAC) Frameless Motors Kollmorgen
    C042B (240 VAC)

    108mm Frame Size, 8.45 Nm Max Cont. Torque,2500 RPM Max Speed

  5. C043A (240 VAC) Frameless Motors Kollmorgen
    C043A (240 VAC)

    108mm Frame Size, 11.1 Nm Max Cont. Torque, 1250 RPM Max Speed

  6. C043B (240 VAC) Frameless Motors Kollmorgen
    C043B (240 VAC)

    108mm Frame Size, 11.2 Nm Max Cont. Torque, 2500 RPM Max Speed

  7. C044A (240 VAC) Frameless Motors Kollmorgen
    C044A (240 VAC)

    108mm Frame Size, 13.9 Nm Max Cont. Torque, 1050 RPM Max Speed

  8. C044B (240 VAC) Frameless Motors Kollmorgen
    C044B (240 VAC)

    108mm Frame Size, 14.4 Nm Max Cont. Torque, 2150 RPM Max Speed

  9. C051A (240 VAC) Frameless Motors Kollmorgen
    C051A (240 VAC)

    138mm Frame Size, 11.7 Nm Max Cont. Torque, 1200 RPM Max Speed

  10. C051B (240 VAC) Frameless Motors Kollmorgen
    C051B (240 VAC)

    138mm Frame Size, 11.9 Nm Max Cont. Torque, 2450 RPM Max Speed

  11. C052C (240 VAC) Frameless Motors Kollmorgen
    C052C (240 VAC)

    138mm Frame Size, 16.9 Nm Max Cont. Torque, 950 RPM Max Speed

  12. C052D (240 VAC) Frameless Motors Kollmorgen
    C052D (240 VAC)

    138mm Frame Size, 16.5 Nm Max Cont. Torque, 2050 RPM Max Speed

  13. C053A (240 VAC) Frameless Motors Kollmorgen
    C053A (240 VAC)

    138mm Frame Size, 21 Nm Max Cont. Torque, 1350 RPM Max Speed

  14. C053B (240 VAC) Frameless Motors Kollmorgen
    C053B (240 VAC)

    138mm Frame Size, 20.2 Nm Max Cont. Torque, 2500 RPM Max Speed

  15. C054A (240 VAC) Frameless Motors Kollmorgen
    C054A (240 VAC)

    138mm Frame Size, 24.9 Nm Max Cont. Torque, 1200 RPM Max Speed

  16. C054B (240 VAC) Frameless Motors Kollmorgen
    C054B (240 VAC)

    138mm Frame Size, 23.8 Nm Max Cont. Torque, 2350 RPM Max Speed

  17. C061A (240 VAC) Frameless Motors Kollmorgen
    C061A (240 VAC)

    188mm Frame Size, 33.8 Nm Max Cont. Torque, 900 RPM Max Speed

  18. C061B (240 VAC) Frameless Motors Kollmorgen
    C061B (240 VAC)

    188mm Frame Size, 32.6 Nm Max Cont. Torque, 1950 RPM Max Speed

  19. C062B (240 VAC) Frameless Motors Kollmorgen
    C062B (240 VAC)

    188mm Frame Size, 44.6 Nm Max Cont. Torque, 1400 RPM Max Speed

  20. C062C (240 VAC) Frameless Motors Kollmorgen
    C062C (240 VAC)

    188mm Frame Size, 48.4 Nm Max Cont. Torque, 700 RPM Max Speed

  21. C063B (240 VAC) Frameless Motors Kollmorgen
    C063B (240 VAC)

    188mm Frame Size, 59 Nm Max Cont. Torque, 1050 RPM Max Speed

  22. C063C (240 VAC) Frameless Motors Kollmorgen
    C063C (240 VAC)

    188mm Frame Size, 61.8 Nm Max Cont. Torque, 550 RPM Max Speed

  23. C091A (240 VAC) Frameless Motors Kollmorgen
    C091A (240 VAC)

    246mm Frame Size, 50.2 Nm Max Cont. Torque, 600 RPM Max Speed

  24. C092C (240 VAC) Frameless Motors Kollmorgen
    C092C (240 VAC)

    246mm Frame Size, 102 Nm Max Cont. Torque, 450 RPM Max Speed

  25. C093C (240 VAC) Frameless Motors Kollmorgen
    C093C (240 VAC)

    246mm Frame Size, 139 Nm Max Cont. Torque, 350 RPM Max Speed

  26. C131B (240 VAC) Frameless Motors Kollmorgen
    C131B (240 VAC)

    351mm Frame Size, 190 Nm Max Cont. Torque, 450 RPM Max Speed

  27. C131C (240 VAC) Frameless Motors Kollmorgen
    C131C (240 VAC)

    351mm Frame Size, 189 Nm Max Cont. Torque, 250 RPM Max Speed

  28. C132B (240 VAC) Frameless Motors Kollmorgen
    C132B (240 VAC)

    351mm Frame Size, 361 Nm Max Cont. Torque, 225 RPM Max Speed

  29. C132C (240 VAC) Frameless Motors Kollmorgen
    C132C (240 VAC)

    351mm Frame Size, 362 Nm Max Cont. Torque, 120 RPM Max Speed

  30. C133B (240 VAC) Frameless Motors Kollmorgen
    C133B (240 VAC)

    351mm Frame Size, 510 Nm Max Cont. Torque, 175 RPM Max Speed

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