Servo Systems

Servo systems are precise automatic control systems that perform fast and stable position control. Servo systems are widely used in the manufacturing machine and industrial robotic industries.

The servo system typically consists of three core components: the servo motor, the servo driver, and the command mechanism. The motor is the actuator that realizes movement. The driver is the power supply for the motor. The mechanism controls position, torque and/or speed.

Electromate has a large range of servo motor, servo drive, cabling, and power supply options combinations. We have over 300 drives and over 800 motors available online with pricing and lead times. We also have access to thousands of other servo drives and servo motors from numerous vendors.

If you don't see your required specs, or need custom specs, please contact us. We specialize in servo solutions for any application.

When delivery is critical, we also offer Stocked Plug N' Play Servo Motor + Drive solutions from Applied Motion Products. Electromate’s servo starter kits are perfect for novices, first-time users, or anyone in quick need of a servo solution. Whether you are looking to test out a new product on your production line or prototyping, these starter kits are virtually plug-and-play.

They each consist of a high-performance brushless AC servo motor with high-resolution incremental encoder, plus a matching fully programmable digital servo drive. Each Servo Drive features short settling times of 0 to 2 milliseconds, auto-tuning capability, and a built-in motion controller for stand-alone operation. 

Are you a teacher looking to teach automation and robotics? We also have specially priced kits for instructional teaching to fit your lesson plans.

Stocked Plug N' Play Servo System Solutions:

AC Servo Motor & Digital Drive Combo - 400W, 110VAC

  • J0400-301-4-000 motor
  • SV2A5-Q-DE drive
  • 3004-304 - Servo Feedback Cable (for SV200 drives)
  • 3004-300 - Servo Motor Power Cable (for SV200 AC, SVAC3, SV7, and BLuDC drives)

AC Servo Motor & Digital Drive Combo - 750W, 220VAC

  • J0750-302-5-000 motor
  • SV2B5-Q-DE drive
  • 3004-304 - Optional 3 meter Servo Feedback Cable (for SV200 drives)
  • 3004-300 - Servo Motor Power Cable (for SV200 AC, SVAC3, SV7, and BLuDC drives)

AC Servo Motor & Digital Drive Combo - 400W, 48VDC

  • J0400-304-4-000 motor
  • SV2D10-Q-DE drive
  • 3004-304 - Optional 3 meter Servo Feedback Cable (for SV200 drives),
  • 3004-355 - Optional 3 meter Servo Motor Power Cable, more than 6A (SV200 drives)

Servo System Components:

Servo Drives

Servo Drives are the workhorse behind your production line. Taking the low voltage signals and transforming them into high voltage for servo use, making a dependable, efficient servo driver as important as a good servo motor.

We carry a variety of servo drives. Don’t settle for substandard parts, implement the latest technology into your system with intelligent drives / smart drives that can connect multiple servos over a network of multi-axis configurations.

Servo Motors

Electromate is Canada’s premier supplier of servo motors for the robotic and mechatronic industry. We carry high performance, efficient servos that you can count on. Our durable servos can deliver precise movement with our brush and brushless servos with a continuous range and at a peak torque range.

We carry a wide range of servos like explosion proof, food grade, integrated, pancake, and rotary actuators, making Electromate your one-stop shop for all your servo needs. 

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