WAGO I/O Systems

wago i/o systems

Modular and fieldbus-independent devices offer many benefits when used in applications that require decentralized automation tasks.  Safety, flexibility, consistency, and ease of operation make WAGO I/O Systems the best choice for both fieldbus and spring pressure termination applications.  WAGO’s fieldbus nodes can be exactly matched to fit a particular application based on the building block principle.  The relay, function and interface modules, as well as overvoltage protection of WAGO products deliver a rugged interface for any application.   

WAGO I/O systems & modules are economical, compact, optimize life cycle costs and allow for scalable performance.  By decreasing wiring time and providing ease of use, WAGO I/O Systems also help reduce handling errors.  All components meet the toughest requirements for environmental exposure including climate, vibration/shock loading, EMC and emitted interference, and more.   I/O systems, interface modules, power supply and surge protection systems from WAGO are used when high performance and 100% safety and reliability is required, such as: industrial, process engineering, building automation and all safety-related and hazardous area applications.

WAGO supports more than 16 fieldbus protocols including Ethernet, Profibus, CANopen, MODBUS, DeviceNet, etc. with PLC programming via open-source IEC 61131 software offered as a site license.  Owing to a variety of processors available, WAGO also offers scalable computing power. 

Processes Using Wago I/O System Products

  • Industrial Manufacturing
  • Shipbuilding Applications
  • Process Engineering
  • Building Automation for energy managements, HVAC, light control and more

Below is a list of the WAGO I/O System Products supplied by Electromate:

  • Modular I/O-System (Series 750, 753)
  • Modular WAGO-I/O-SYSTEM, IP20 (750 Series XTR)
  • WAGO SPEEDWAY (Series 767)
  • WAGO I/O IPC (Series 758)
  • TO-PASS® Telecontrol Technology (761 Series)
  • Operation and Monitoring
  • WAGO I/O-System (Series 757 - sensor / actuator boxes)
  • IP67 Cables and Connectors (756 Series)
  • Ethernet Switch (Series 852)
  • Building Automation with flexROOM®
  • Various Accessories


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