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The AZBD10A4IC interface card and PWM servo drive assembly is designed to drive brushless and brushed DC motors at a high switching frequency. The interface card features quick-disconnect connectors.

The AZBD10A4IC is fully protected against over-voltage, under-voltage, over-current, over-heating, and short-circuits. A single digital output indicates operating status. The drive interfaces with digital controllers that have analog ±10V output.

The AZBD10A4IC can utilize Hall Sensor feedback and operates in Duty Cycle (Open Loop) Mode. This servo drive requires only a single unregulated isolated DC power supply, and is fully RoHS II (Reduction of Hazardous Substances) compliant. Easily accessible test points are available for I/O and Feedback monitoring.

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Manufacturer Advanced Motion Controls
Product Category Amplifiers - Analog Type
Commutation Trapezoidal
Min Input Supply Voltage (VDC) 10
Max Input Supply Voltage (VDC) 36
Max Continuous Output Current (A) 5
Max Peak Output Current (A) 10
Motor System Single Phase (Brushed, Voice Coil, Inductive Load), Three Phase (Brushless)
Operating Mode Duty Cycle (Open Loop)
Feedback Hall Effect Sensors
Configuration PCB Mounted, OEM Module
Drive Architecture Analog
Setup Manual
Min Operating Temperature (°C) 0
Min Operating Temperature (°F) 32
Max Operating Temperature (°C) 85
Max Operating Temperature (°F) 185
Max Rated Power (W) 171
10-36 VDC Input, 5 A Cont. (10 Peak)

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