Baseplate for Universal Robot

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For multiple workstations and one robot, the ROBOTBASE set is a cost-effective solution. The baseplate connects to the workstation and the master base connects to the robot. You can move your robot to other workstations without re-homing or re-alignment. For example, the robot can make a welding task the first hours and the next hours stands at the assembly line. With this solution, the robot can do multiple tasks in different workstations all over the production floor.

Product Features & Specifications:

  • Fast and accurate movement - Re-deploys in seconds
  • Accurate - Re-positioning with the range of five hundredth of a millimeter.
  • Easy to use - Quick release with accurate locking system.
  • Custom Base - On request, can custom manufacture bases to fit your Robot or Cobot type.
  • Smartshift Base connects to all Robots, Industrial and Collaborative.
When you have one robot to switch between multiple workstations. Attaches to workstation.

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Product CategoryRobot Accessories
ManufacturerSMARTSHIFT Robotics