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With a solution for every axis, Parker Bayside is a world-class manufacturer of mechanical motion control products, including planetary gearheads and gearmotors.

Helical Planetary Design - Helical gears have more tooth contact and greater face width than spur gears.  This results in higher loads, smoother tooth engagement, quieter operation and lower backlash.

HeliCrown® - Bayside developed the HeliCrown gear tooth to further optimize Stealth’s® performance.  Since most vibration occurs at the entry and exit points of a gear tooth, HeliCrown eliminates metal only in these areas, without sacrificing gear strength, producing a quieter and stronger gear.

ServoMount® - Parker Bayside’s patented ServoMount design features a balanced input gear supported by a floating bearing.  This unique design compensates for motor shaft runout and misalignment, ensuring TRUE alignment of the input sun gear with the planetary section and allowing input speeds up to 6,000 RPM.  ServoMount ensures error-free installation to any motor, in a matter of minutes.

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