Brushless Mini Motors

The electronically commutated Maxon EC motors stand out with excellent torque characteristics, high power, an extremely wide speed range, and an outstandingly long life span. The outstanding controllability of the motors makes high-precision positioning drives possible. The economical EC series is called Maxon EC-max. When space is at a premium, Maxon flat motors are the solution.

Maxon ECI40

Characteristics of Maxon EC Motors:

  • Brushless DC motor
  • Long service life
  • Highly efficient
  • Linear motor characteristics, excellent control properties
  • Ironless winding system with three phases in the stator
  • Lowest electrical time constant and low inductance
  • No detent
  • Good heat dissipation, high overload capacity
  • Rotating Neodymium permanent magnet with 1 or 2 pole pairs

Maxon's Brushless Mini Motors Includes: 

ECX Speed Program
The ECX SPEED series of brushless motors has been optimized for high speeds (up to 120,000 rpm). Several different performance classes are available to fit your application: Standard, High Power, sterilizable (up to 2000 cycles) or with ceramic bearings for high speeds.  Select the mechanical and electrical interface online.  The ECX program is fully configurable and is ready to ship in just 11 days.

Ø 8, 16, 19, 22 mm 
2.0 – 233 W

Maxon ECX 22M Sterilizable

Characteristics of the Maxon ECX motors:

  • ECX Speed offers the most complete range of autoclaveable motors with diameters of 16, 19 and 22 with 2 lengths
  • ECX Speed is optimized for high speed, less vibrations and low heat up, with impressive torque capabilities
  • ECX Speed reaches speeds of up to 120,000 rpm with a proven lifetime of more than 10’000 hours 
  • ECX Speed is tested to resist typically 2000 autoclave cycles
  • ECX Speed is easy to configure and ready in 11 days

Click to view a short video on the new ECX Speed brushless servo motor.

EC program
Maxon EC brushless motors deliver high speed dynamic operation, and are long-lasting.  The electrically commutated Maxon EC motors are longer-lasting than their counterparts in the DC range. The long life span offered by the brushless design can be exploited particularly well using preloaded ball bearings. The EC motors have excellent torque characteristics, high power, and a wide speed range of up to 100,000 rpm. The outstanding controllability of the motors enables high-precision positioning tasks. Size range includes:


Ø 6 – 60 mm
1.2 – 400 W

Characteristics of the Maxon EC motors:

  • Power optimized, with high speeds up to 100,000 rpm
  • Robust design
  • Various types: e.g. short/long, sterilizable
  • Lowest residual imbalance

EC-max program
Maxon EC-max is the economical EC line. Thanks to the brushless design, the drives are well-suited for long periods of operation. The Maxon EC-max motor is a further development of the principle behind the A-max and RE-max programs. The automated manufacturing ensures that the costs are kept low. Yet you can still tailor the products to your own needs: Maxon EC-max stands for an optimal price/performance ratio, with all of the advantages offered by a brushless DC motor. Choose from four motor sizes:


Ø 16, 22, 30, 40 mm
5 – 120 W

Characteristics of the Maxon EC-max motors:

  • Attractive price/performance ratio
  • Robust steel casing
  • Speeds of up to 20,000 rpm
  • Rotor with 1 pole pair

EC-4pole program
Maxon EC-4pole is raising the bar. The high-power 4-pole motors provide maximum performance per unit of volume and weight. The high-power 4-pole motors provide maximum performance per unit of volume and weight, and make the buying decision easy with an unsurpassed service life.


Thanks to the special winding technology and the 4-pole magnets, the Maxon EC-4pole motors are unbeatable when it comes to delivering the highest driving power per unit of volume and weight. The motors have no cogging torque, high efficiency, and excellent control dynamics. The metal housing ensures good heat dissipation and mechanical stability. When it comes to service life, these motors also leave the competition far behind. Choose from three motor sizes:

Ø 22, 30, 45 mm, short or long
90 – 300 W

Characteristics of the Maxon EC-4pole motors:

  • Highest power density thanks to rotor with 2 pole pairs
  • Knitted winding system with optimized interconnection of the partial windings
  • Speeds of up to 25,000 rpm
  • High-quality magnetic return material to reduce eddy current losses
  • Mechanical time constants below 3ms

EC flat program
Brushless DC flat motors for confined spaces are attractively priced. 


Features of Maxon EC flat motors and EC-i motors:

  • Long service life
  • Flat design for when space is limited
  • Comparatively high inertia
  • Motor characteristics may vary from the strongly linear behavior
  • Hall sensor signals utilizable for simple speed and position control
  • Winding with iron core and several teeth per phase in the stator
  • Low detent torque
  • Good heat dissipation, high overload capacity
  • Multipole Neodymium permanent magnet
  • Smaller commutation steps

Ø 9.2 – 90 mm
0.2 – 90 W

Characteristics of Maxon EC flat motors:


  • Attractive price/performance ratio
  • High torques due to external, multipole rotor
  • Excellent heat dissipation at higher speeds thanks to open design

Characteristics of the Maxon EC-i program:

  • Highly dynamic due to internal, multipole rotor
  • Mechanical time constants below 3 ms
  • High torque density
  • Speeds of up to 15,000 rpm


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