Brushless Servo Motors for NEMA Frames

Brushless Servo Motors that have windings in the stator and permanent magnets attached to the rotor. No brushes are used. Motor rotation is achieved by means of electrical commutation performed by the drive. Brushless servo motors provide high acceleration, high torque, and no maintenance. Brushless Servo Motors offer the highest torque-to-weight ratio and are commonly used in the highest throughput, precision and demanding applications. Brushless motors are available in both metric and imperial frame sizes, and in both slotted and slotless designs .

NEMA Frame Brushless Servo Motors We Supply: 

Kollmorgen's AKM Series AC Synchronous Servo Motors:

kollmoren brushless servo motor

  • 8 frame sizes, 28 frame/stack combinations
  • Speeds up to 8,000 RPM
  • 75 VDC; 120, 240, 480 VAC windings
  • A wide variety of feedback devices, mountings and seals
  • Direct mate to most Kollmorgen servo drives
  • Windings are rated at 100°C rise over a 40°C ambient while using 155°C (class F) insulation materials
  • cURus, CE Compliant, UL Recognition


  • Feedback devices: resolver, SFD, incremental and sine encoders
  • Seals for improved environmental protection
  • Shaft ends closed or open keyway, flat, smooth
  • Dual or single Intercontec connectors, straight or rotatable
  • 24 VDC fail-safe brakes
  • IP67 washdown versions with food-grade greases and finishes
  • A family of compatible inline and right-angle gearheads


  • Unprecedented choice and flexibility from a wide range of standard products and co-engineered modifications for an exact fit to your design requirements
  • Best-in-class performance, with industry-leading power density
  • Exceptionally low cogging and low harmonic distortion to ensure smooth performance
  • Easy to commission and use, with plug-and-play motor recognition and full-frequency auto tuning on AKD™ Series servo drives

Kollmorgen brushless servo motor chart


Kollmorgen's VLM Series Servo Motors:

  • NEMA 23 and 34 frame sizes
  • Metric 60 mm and 90 mm frame sizes
  • 120/240 VAC, 160/320 VDC
  • Rated speeds up to 6,000 rpm
  • Up to 15.9 N-m peak, 4.5 N-m continuous
  • CE, UL, cUL
  • RoHS compliant
  • IP40 protection
  • 1 m and 3 m lead lengths available
  • Standard cabling options for direct connection to AKD drives (resolver or encoder feedback)
  • Standard cabling options for direct connection to S200 (Hall feedback)
  • SFD Resolver Encoder


  • Feedback devices: resolver, encoder, and Hall sensors
  • Shaft ends: keyway, flat, smooth
  • Molex, Firewire (Direct to S200-VTS), D-SUB (direct to AKD) and flying leads


  • Best price for applications that do not require customization nor extra motor features
  • Exceptional quality and value
  • Standard motor sizes, windings and mounts to meet most application needs
  • Easy to use, with standard connector options and matching cables

brushless servo motor for nema frame

ITT Torque System's MDM-5000 High Energy Brushless Servo Motor Series:

nema frame brushless servo motors

Torque Systems new high energy brushless servo motor brings the highest available torque density in a platform that is easily customized to fit your application. The excellent winding density of a proprietary segmented lamination technology combined with a neodymium magnet array provides for maximum power output - up to 27.5 Nm (243 lb-in ) continuous stall torque in a compact 140 mm ( NEMA 56) package. Our brushless servo motors offer the highest reliability and performance in the industry and with our virtual ship program you can ensure you are getting the delivery time your critical application demands.

nema frame brushless servo motor

ElectroCraft's  EXC and E-Series Brushless Servo Motors:

The ElectroCraft RapidPower™ EXC and E-Series are fast, low vibration BLDC motors. By utilizing M-8 ceramic and rare-earth neodymium magnets, our BLDC motors provide the quick acceleration and consistent speed (up to 15,000 rpm) needed for applications such as centrifuges, fans and pumps. Sealed ball bearings and reduced torque ripple from skewed magnetization also ensure a smooth operation at any speed. 

brushless servo motor for nema frames

ElectroCraft's E Series Brushless Servo Motors:

Sizes:  2.2, 3.0, 3.3 & 3.7 inches (56, 78, 84 & 96 mm)

Continuous Torque:  up to 161 oz-in or 114 Ncm


  • Housed construction with open or closed shell designs available
  • Typically designed for IP30 rating
  • Metric and imperial configurations
  • Available with hall effect, single ended, or differential encoder

ElectroCraft's EXC Series Brushless Servo Motors:

The EXC-Series is a cost-improved version of the popular Excalibur family of AC Servo motors sold under the Rockwell Automation brand. This product provides considerable cost improvements for a variety of light industrial, commercial, and medical applications. 

Sizes:  NEMA 23, 34, 42 & 56 and metric sizes

Continuous Torque:  up to 740 oz-in or 543 Ncm


  • Rugged industrial housed construction
  • TENV enclosure design with optional
  • O-rings for environmental sealing
  • Skewed magnetization, high energy Neodymium magnet design
  • Metric and imperial configurations
  • Differential optical encoder – standard configuration
  • Motor and encoder cables through liquid tight strain reliefs

ElectroCraft's RapidPower™ Series Brushless Servo Motors:

Sizes:  NEMA 17, 23 & 34

Continuous Torque:  up to 313 oz-in or 221 Ncm


  • Standard mounting configuration
  • Designed for IP40 rating
  • High torque to volume ratio
  • Skewed magnetization, Neodymium magnet design
  • Metric and imperial configurations
  • Available with hall effect, single ended, or differential encoder

The EC NOW Program offers customers a fast, convenient and global source for quality ElectroCraft motor and drive products. Customer orders for EC NOW product can be shipped within 72 hours to any customer location around the world. 

nema frame brushless servo motor

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