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MODEL Digital MR Encoder -- 228456
SKU: 300248

Encoder MR, Type L, 1000 CPT, 2 Channels, with Line Driver

Category: Encoders, Rotary

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Product Details

Maxon DC tacho, encoders and resolvers are mounted to motors with through shafts for reasons of precision and resonance. Several varieties of sensors are available.

Digital Magneto-resistant (MR) Encoder: In an MR-encoder, the multipole magnetic disc mounted on the motor shaft produces a sine-wave voltage variation in the MR sensor. The typical encoder signals are created through interpolation and electronic signal refinement.

Magnetic principle with Hall sensors: Under the magnetic principle, a small multipole permanent magnet sits on the motor shaft. The changes in magnetic flux are recorded by Hall sensors and fed into the electronics as channel A and B.

Optical Encoder signals: These encoders provide a simple square signal for further processing in the control system. It\'s pulses can be counted for exact positioning or determining speed. Channels A and B pick up phase shifted signals, which are compared with one another to determine the rotation direction. A "home" pulse (index channel I) then provides zero crossing and is used as a reference point for precise determination of rotation angle. The line driver output produces complementary signals A, B, I which help to eliminate any interference and improve signal quality on long signal lines.

DC Tacho: In principle every maxon DC motor can be used as a DC tacho. For motor / tacho combinations, we offer a DC tachometer, whereby the tacho rotor is mounted directly on the motor shaft.

Resolver: The resolver is mounted on the motor\'s through shaft and adjusted according to the magnetic field of the motor rotor. The resolver has a rotating primary coil (rotor) and two secondary coils (stator) offset by 90°. An alternating current connected to the primary coil is transferred to the two secondary coils.

Min Operating Temperature (°F) -25
Max Operating Temperature (°F) 85
Encoder Technology Magnetic
Encoder Type Incremental
Resolution Max (counts/revolution) 1,000
CountRate 200
RotorInertcia 1.7 g-cm²
Encoder Output Pulse & Direction
Output Signal Analog Current, TTL
Vendor Maxon Motor AG
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