MODEL JR12-512
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1.22" Diameter Jam Nut Mount Incremental Optical Encoder, Hollow Shaft, 512 Pulse/Rev

Category: Encoders, Rotary

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Product Details

Quantum Devices, Inc. Model JR12 provides an improved feedback solution in applications typically using pancake resolvers with same threaded shaft and jam nut mounting. With an over all height of less than one inch and the stability of a bearing encoder design, the model JR12 can provide significant performance upgrades in applications limited by traditional resolvers or modular encoder solutions. Output options consist of a quadrature with index pulse and three-phase commutation. A flexible member allows for much greater tail shaft run out and TIR than can be tolerated by modular encoder designs, plus the mounting flange eliminates the need for expensive servo mounting clips.

Features Hollow Shaft
Min Operating Temperature (°F) -20
Max Operating Temperature (°F) 115
Encoder Technology Optical
Encoder Type Incremental
Resolution Max (counts/revolution) 512
Maximum Mechanical Shaft Speed (rpm) 8,000
CountRate 500
RotorInertcia 9.1E-05 oz-in-sec²
Maximum Diameter or Width (in) 1.22
Encoder Output Quadrature, Reference / Index Channel
Output Signal Digital: Square Wave, Analog Voltage, Serial
Maximum Shock Rating 50 g
Maximum Vibration 20 g
Vendor Quantum Devices,Inc.
Download PDF Quantum_jr12_Specsheet.pdf