MODEL 174612-CP1
SKU: 301620

170 Series, 12" Max Travel, 7780 lbs Max Dynamic Load, 50 in/s Max Speed

Category: Screw Driven Stages, Motorized

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Product Details

The 170 series tables are designed to maximize performance while minimizing physical size and cost. These tables use a low friction, preloaded, recirculating linear ball bearing system, which rides on precision ground linear rails. The linear rails are mounted to an extruded aluminum base, which offers a rigid support over the entire travel of the table\'s carriage. The load is mounted to a precision machined aluminum carriage, which has threaded stainless steel inserts for high strength and wear life. There are 38 different acme & ball screw options that offer high efficiencies and long life at an economical price. These tables are designed to allow for numerous options. They include EOT & Home switches, linear & rotary encoders, power-off electric brakes, motor wrap packages, and versatile mounting brackets for multiple axis applications.

Features Brake / Lock(Optional), Ground Screw(Optional), Stackable
Drive Type None, Handwheel / Crank(Optional), Motor Mount (No Integral Motor)(Optional)
Drive Mechanism Ball Screw, Lead / Acme Screw
Output Feedback Home Switch(Optional), Travel Limit Switches(Optional), Motor Position(Optional), Table Position(Optional)
Configuration X Axis Only, Multi-axis Configuration(Optional), X-Y Axes(Optional), X-Z Axes(Optional), X-Y-Z Axes(Optional)
Orientation Horizontal, Vertical(Optional)
Design Units English, Metric
Max X Axis Linear Travel (in) 12.000
Bearing / Guide Mechanism Linear Motion Guide
Min Lead Screw Lead 10 inches per
Max Lead Screw Lead 1 inches per
English Screw Leads 0.1, 0.2, 0.5, 1
Metric Screw Leads 5, 10, 16, 20
Min Positioning Accuracy 0.00005 inch/inch
Max Positioning Accuracy 0.00033 inch/inch
Repeatability (in) 0.000
Base Length Max (in) 18.130
Base Width (in) 4.500
Top Height (in) 2.953
Carriage Length (english) 6
Carriage Width (in) 6.000
Dynamic Load Carrying Capacity (lb) 7,780
Maximum Linear Velocity or Speed (in) 50
Vendor Lintech Products
Download PDF Lintech_160_170_180series_catalog.pdf