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MODEL GP 32C Ceramic Version Series -- 166972
SKU: 304901

Gearhead GP32C, 6.0Nm, 5-stage, Ball Bearing, ratio 2829:1

Category: Planetary Gearheads, Inline & MultiDrive

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Product Details

If mechanical power is required at a high torque and correspondingly reduced speed, a Maxon precision gearhead is recommended. According to the gear ratio, the output speed is reduced while the output torque is enhanced (less efficiency losses). Planetary gears are particularly suitable for the transfer of high torques. Larger gearheads starting at 22 mm diameter are equipped with ball bearings, while most smaller gearheads are equipped with sleeve bearings. Some planetary gearheads offer plastic gears which are favorably priced yet provide compact solutions. The mechanical load rating is slightly smaller than that of comparable metal designs, however it is significantly higher than that of spur gearheads. Ceramic components are increasingly used in planetary gearheads, as they can significantly improve the wear characteristics of critical components. This results in:

  • Longer service life
  • Higher continuous torques
  • Higher intermittent torques
  • Higher input speeds

Trigger Gearboxes and Gearheads
Min Operating Temperature (°F) -20
Max Operating Temperature (°F) 100
Length (in) 2.22
Reducer Style Motor Mount / Gearhead
Mounting Style Flange(s)
Reducer Input Hollow Shaft
Reducer Output Solid Shaft
Shaft Alignment Parallel In-line
Vertical Shaft(s) No
Gearing Planetary
Gear Ratio 2829:1
Maximum Input Speed 8000 rpm
Output Torque (ft lb) 4
Backlash 2 degrees
Efficiency 0.5
Height (english) 32
Weight (oz) 9.1
Rated Torque (in lb) 40
Vendor Maxon Motor AG
Download PDF Maxon_2015_2016_Catalog.pdf