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HPG Size 32, Solid Shaft Output, Planetary Gearhead, 11:1 Ratio, 88 Nm Max Cont. Torque

Category: Planetary Gearheads, Inline & MultiDrive

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Product Details

The new Harmonic Planetary gearhead is a revolutionary new design in planetary gearheads. The innovative Flex Ring Gear automatically adjusts for backlash, ensuring consistent, low backlash for the life of the gearhead. HD Systems experience in designing and producing harmonic drive™ gears was used to design a unique flexible ring gear. This ring gear acts as a backlash buffer, as it automatically flexes to provide the optimum backlash in the planetary gear train.

As compared to other planetary designs, where gear wear increases backlash over time, the Harmonic Planetary maintains the same low backlash for the life of the gearhead. The design engineer is ensured of consistently low backlash, without the annoying backlash creep of other designs.

Trigger Gearboxes and Gearheads
Weight (lb) 10
Reducer Style Motor Mount / Gearhead
Mounting Style Motor Mount Kit
Reducer Input Coupling or Bushing
Reducer Output Solid Shaft
Shaft Alignment Parallel In-line
Gearing Planetary, Harmonic
Gear Ratio 11:1
Maximum Input Speed 6000 rpm
Output Torque (ft lb) 65
Backlash 3 arcmin
Height (english) 120
Weight (oz) 5,643.8
Rated Torque (in lb) 779
Vendor Harmonic Drive LLC
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