Digital Readout (DRO) Systems

A complete system consists of one or more Linear Encoders, commonly referred to as scales, and a Digital Readout.  The Linear Encoder monitors the machine travel and the Digital Readout (DRO) displays the distance moved or machine table position to the operator.  The axis display is large and clear and the keyboard is designed to be easy to use.  Many functions can be taken off the keyboard to support the work at the machine.  Depending on application you can choose between different versions of the readout.

Advantages of a Digital Readout System

In the past, the operator of a machine tool without a Digital Readout System had to concentrate on reading and keeping track of the handwheel vernier dial.  With a DRO the operator has real-time information on the accuracy of his machining so scrapped and rejected parts will be reduced.

  • The display shows the position in clear and bright digits.
  • RSF Elektronik Digital Readouts have more features than just displaying position.  Refer to the specific models for a listing of the features.
  • The RSF Digital Readout has a waterproof keypad and a rugged metal housing to ensure error free operation under harsh workshop conditions.  Thread holes on the housing floor enable a simple mounting.

digital readout systems

Features of DRO Systems:

  • Number of axis 1, 2, 3
  • Programming of system parameters
  • Selectable axis name
  • Switchable for use on a lathe or milling machine
  • Software setup for fixing resolution, measuring step and counting direction
  • Function to delete a parameter
  • Reset- and Preset input (Reset of the displays by pressing one button)
  • Addition/subtraction of the display value with the keyboard
  • Bolt hole pattern, graduated circle function, rectangular drilling pattern, hardware test and display test
  • Linear error correction programmable (4 point correction)

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