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The Electric Encoder™ is unique in being holistic, i.e., its output reading is the averaged outcome of the whole area of the rotor , Thisfeature makes the Electric Encoder™ forgiving to mounting tolerances, ball bearing wander etc. The absence of components such as ball bearings , flexible couplers, glass disc, light sources and detectors, along with very low power consumption makes the Electric Encoder™ virtually failure free. The internally shielded, DC operated Electric Encoder™ includes an electric field generator, a field receiver, a sinusoidal shaped dielectric rotor, and processing electronics.The output signals of Electric Encoder™ are analog Sine / Cosine representing the rotation angle. The digital outputs are obtained by further processing - which may be either internal or external to the encoder. The combination of precision, low profile, low weight and high reliabilityhavemadeNetzerPrecisionencodersparticularly suitable to a wide variety of critical applications including, but not limited to medical equipment and aerospace.


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Manufacturer Netzer Precision
Short Description 17 bit Absolute Electric Encoder, 37 mm Diameter; Analog Sin/Cos, Digital SSI or BiSS-C Output
Encoder Output Analog Voltage, BiSS-C|SSI
Encoder Technology Electric
Encoder Type Absolute
Maximum Vibration (G) 20
Maximum Shock Rating (G) 100
Max Bore Diameter (mm) 10
Max Bore Diameter (in) 0.39
Max Operating Temperature (°C) 85
Max Operating Temperature (°F) 185
Max Outer Diameter (mm) 37
Min Resolution (counts/rev) 131072
Max Resolution (counts/rev) 131072
Max Speed (RPM) 1500
Output Signal SSI|BiSS-C|Analog Voltage
Rotor Inertia (kg-m-s²) 7.00E-09
Rotor Inertia (oz-in-s²) 0.00001014
Positioning Accuracy (arcmin) 1.5
Resolution (bits) 17
Series DS Series
Product Category Encoders - Rotary
17 bit Absolute Electric Encoder, 37 mm Diameter; Analog Sin/Cos, Digital SSI or BiSS-C Output

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