Gearing Products

Gearing Products

Gearing products (components or housed gearboxes) are mechanical devices used to increase the output torque or change the speed (RPM) of a motor. They are also used for inertia matching between a load and a motor. The most common type of gearing product is a gearbox (or housed gearhead).

Most gearboxes are constructed from steel materials such as iron, aluminum and brass, however spur gearboxes can also be made with plastics such as polycarbonate or nylon. The orientation of the gear teeth plays a major role in the overall efficiency, torque and speed of the system. Straight gear teeth gearboxes are typically used in low-speed applications. These gearboxes can be noisy, and usually have lower overall efficiency. Helical gearboxes are typically used in high-speed applications. These gearboxes are quieter in operation than straight gear teeth gearboxes and usually have improved overall efficiency. In very low noise applications, ceramic gears can be used to replace metal gears.

Gearboxes come in a variety of types: Planetary, Strain Wave Gearing, Bevel, Helical, Spur, Cycloidal, etc.

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