Manual Pulse Generators & Pendants

Manual Hand-Wheel and Hand-Held Pendant Pulse Generators permit "manual" axis jog functionality for multi-axis servo and stepper systems. 

manual pulse generator

World Encoders Hand-Wheel Pulse Generators feature:

  • Quadrature dual channels
  • 100ppr resolution
  • Linedriver 5v, 5-26v and TTL 8-26v Outputs
  • For CNC Panels interchangeable with Euchner, Nemicon, Sumtak and Fanuc
  • Black plastic or zinc metal dial & body

World Encoders Hand-Held Pendant Pulse Generators feature:

  • Differential Line Driver Output
  • X, Y Z Selector switch with OFF position
  • Extended spiral cable
  • Optional E-Stop button
  • Optional IP65 NEMA4 enclosure
  • FANUC CNC compatible
  • Euchner compatible


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