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Lin Engineering Product Line

Since Lin Engineering was founded in 1987, their specialty has been the development and manufacturing of high quality, precision step motors for many motion control systems.

In motion control, no two designs are the same. When you’re optimizing for the best efficiency, accuracy, or speed, you don’t want a motor that is “close enough”, you want a motor that will meets your requirements precisely. This is exactly what Lin Engineering can provide: a motor with the exact specifications you need for your specific design or application.

Lin Engineering Manufactures the Following Products:

  • Stepper Motors
  • LinFinity Linear Actuators
  • Integrated Motors
  • BLDC Motors
  • Drivers/Controllers
  • Optical Encoders
  • Gearheads
  • Accessories

Lin Engineering strives to provide its customers with leading technology designs, high quality products, unsurpassed customer service, and unrivaled technical support.  Click on the following YouTube link to view a library of Lin Engineering Product Video's. Brochure and catalog links are below.

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