Linear Guideways & Splines

Kerk® Splines & Linear Guides deliver low-cost, low friction and long life for a variety of linear motion control applications. 

Haydon Splines

Spline Shafts

Kerk Spline Shafts are available in stainless steel and are coated with our proprietary Kerkote® TFE coating. They are designed for light load applications where positional accuracy and low cost are desired, and anti-backlash assemblies are available. The Kerk® Spline Shaft (SS/SZ) series spline shaft system has been designed for light to moderate load applications, where low cost, low friction and long life are primary design considerations. 

Kerk Spline Shafts provide anti-rotation for one axis motion or a drive mechanism with rotation for two axes of motion. They are excellent alternatives for applications where hex shafts, square shafts and high-cost ball splines are typically used. The assembly consists of a stainless steel spline shaft treated with Haydon Kerk Motion Solutions™ proprietary low friction Kerkote® TFE coating, mated with a Kerkite® composite polymer bushing. The bushing is supplied with an integral brass collar to facilitate various mounting configurations without nut distortion. 

Standard shaft straightness is .003-in (.08mm/30cm) per foot. Typical radial and torsional clearance between shaft and bushing for a basic assembly (SSA) is .002-in to .003-in (.05-.08mm). An anti-backlash assembly (SZA) is available for applications requiring minimum torsional play. As with other Kerk® assemblies, special bushing configurations and end machining configurations are available upon request. Aluminum or carbon steel spline shafts are also available upon request.

Spline Shaft and Guide Rail Selection Chart

Linear Rail Systems

For light load applications requiring minimal frictional drag, low cost and long wear, the Kerk GR Linear Rail System is the perfect choice. It features a burnished, centerless ground stainless steel shaft (available either uncoated or with Kerkote® TFE for additional lubricity) and a graphite and PTFE-filled thermoplastic bushing. The GR Series linear rail system has been designed for light load applications where low cost, minimum frictional drag and long wear life are primary design considerations. The assembly consists of a centerless ground and burnished stainless steel shaft mated with a Kerkite® composite polymer bushing. The material combinations have been selected so that thermal fluctuations have minimal effect on system performance. Additional lubricity and extended life can be obtained by using a low friction Kerkote® TFE coating on support shafts available in both stainless and alloy steel.

Standard shaft straightness is .002-in (0.05mm) per foot and typical radial clearance between shaft and bushing is .0005-in (.013mm) on non-coated assemblies and .001-in (.025mm) on Kerkote TFE coated assemblies. Bushings are manufactured with standard retaining ring grooves.

Linear Guideways

Kerk RGS® Linear Guides are compact, value-priced linear guide systems that feature a precision aluminum guide and passive carriage. The integral mounting base allows support over the entire length, if desired. Kerk RGS Linear Guides provide a strong, stable platform for a variety of linear motion applications. The RGS Linear Guide is designed to easily mount to any flat surface, or bridge free spans, with a convenient, easy-access carriage. The splined aluminum profile, with Kerkote® TFE coating, combines low friction linear guidance with torsional stability.

The Linear Guides can be configured in lengths up to 8 feet without special tooling, with one or more carriages, in standard or custom configurations. The wide linear guide series features a wider base for even greater stability. Kerk® RGS Linear Guides are constructed of high strength, extruded aluminum and Kerkite® composite polymer with Kerkote TFE on all critical surfaces. This proven combination of materials assures exceptionally long life without the need for adjustment, lubrication or maintenance. The simplicity of the RGS Linear Guide makes it both easy to use and a great value. Similar to other Haydon Kerk Motion Solutions products, it can be easily modified to custom configurations to suit most applications. The Kerk® RGS Linear Guides are perfect companions to the Kerk® RGS series of screw-driven linear slides. All Kerk® RGS Series products share the same rail and carriage geometry and simplify equipment design and reduce part counts, and are equally suitable for use with Kerk® leadscrews or any other type of drive or actuator.

Linear Guide Selection Chart

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