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As an Applied Motion Products distributor, Electromate supplies products like the AMP servo & stepper motors and AMP stepper drives.

Applied Motion Products (AMP) specializes in high-precision, cost-effective motion control products. They offer a full complement of stepper and servo, drives, motors, controllers, integrated products and power supplies to serve a diverse industrial and OEM customer base.

AMP stepper & servo drives are offered in both packaged & open frame DC input and AC input versions, and support a variety of communication networks.

Applied Motion Products Resources:

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Click on the following YouTube link to view a library of Applied Motion Products Video's.  

Applied Motion Products:

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  1. The STR2 stepper drive is an ultra compact, digital step & direction drive, great for OEM applications requiring basic step & direction control of a 2-phase step motor.

    12-48 VDC Input, 0.3-2.2 A Output Range

  2. The STR4 outputs up to 4.5 A/phase to the step motor, and is compatible with a variety of 2-phase step motors.

    24-48 VDC Input, 1.12-4.5 A Output Range

  3. The STR8 drive features advanced microstepping performance and sophisticated current control with anti-resonance.

    24-75 VDC Input, 2.35-8.0 A Output Range

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