JVL Intelligent Motors


JVL Industri Elektronik A/S is a leading company in the production and development of integrated AC servo motor and integrated stepper motors. Their prominent servo motor, the MAC motor, is based on a unique modular concept that makes the AC servos easily adaptable to a very wide range of applications. Their preeminent stepper motor, QuickStep, similarly offers a very wide range of versions for any application. As a JVL distributor, Electromate supplies both JVL servo & stepper motors.

JVL Product Lines We Provide:

Integrated MAC Servo Motors

 A series of compact, versatile integrated servo motors with many unique features. A modular expansion system, makes them easily adaptable to almost any application including RS232, RS485, USB, CANopen, DeviceNet, Profibus, Profinet and Modbus TCP/IP, Wireless Bluetooth, WLAN and Zigbee systems. Power range is from 50W to 3000W.

Integrated QuickStep Stepper Motors

A series of compact versatile Integrated stepper motors that meets almost any need for a compact stepper motor system. The force range is from 0.2 to 25Nm in flange sizes 17(43mm) to 43 (110mm).

Integrated and Non-integrated Stepper Motors Linear Actuator

A wide range of linear stepper motors, from 5 to 2700 N in sizes 08 (20 mm) to 34 (86 mm).  Most models feature an optional built in controller, PLC, RS485, wireless and industrial ethernet.

JVL Resources:

The JVL all-in-one servo motor programmed it in a few minutes.

Stepper Motor v Servo Motor Quick Breakdown

What's  aServoStep Motor?

Auto Glaze 4200 with our JVL integrated motor MAC140

Boxed meals product orientation with JVL MAC400

JVL MAC400 Ethernet/IP to ControlLogix PLC

JVL integrated servo motors controlled wireless

JVL MAC integrated servo motor at the Powerlink booth

JVL Industri Elektronik A/S at SPS/ IPC

JVL integrated servo motor MAC1500 and MAC3000

How to connect and test a JVL Integrated Servo Motor

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