Micron Gearbox

Thomson Micron TRUE Planetary Gearheads are designed to deliver outstanding performance and reliability for a variety of industrial applications. Micron gearboxes are used on high precision motion control applications that require a high torque to volume ratio, high torsional stiffness, and low backlash. 

One of the key features of Micron TRUE Planetary Gearheads is their high torque density, which makes them an ideal choice for applications that require precise motion control and accurate positioning, such as robotics, machine tools, and automation systems. The true planetary design of these gearheads provides excellent stiffness, low backlash, and high efficiency, making them suitable for a wide range of motion control applications.


Micron TRUE Planetary Gearheads are also highly customizable, allowing them to be tailored to specific application requirements. This includes options such as different ratios, output configurations, mounting options, and input styles. Additionally, Micron offers a broad range of accessories that can further enhance the performance and functionality of their gearheads.

These gearheads are best suited for industries that demand high performance, reliability, and precision, such as industrial automation, packaging, semiconductor, and medical equipment manufacturing. With their excellent torque density, customizability, and broad range of accessories, Micron TRUE Planetary Gearheads are the perfect choice for your industrial needs.

So, if you are looking for a high-quality, reliable, and customizable gearhead for your application, Micron TRUE Planetary Gearheads are the perfect solution. Contact us today to request a quote and learn more about how Micron can help you achieve your industrial automation goals



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  1. AquaTRUE Micron Gearheads by Boston Gear
    AquaTRUE Micron Gearheads

    For food/beverage handling, packaging, and dispensing.

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  2. DuraTRUE Micron Gearheads by Boston Gear
    DuraTRUE Micron Gearheads

    For applications that require high precision & low backlash.

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  3. NemaTRUE Micron Gearheads by Boston Gear
    NemaTRUE Micron Gearheads

    For medical devices, robotics, aerospace, and more.

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  4. UltraTRUE Micron Gearheads by Boston Gear
    UltraTRUE Micron Gearheads

    For robotics, aerospace, packaging equipment, and more.

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  5. ValueTRUE Micron Gearheads by Boston Gear
    ValueTRUE Micron Gearheads

    Low cost and ideal for environmentally sensitive applications.

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  6. XTRUE Micron Gearheads by Boston Gear
    XTRUE Micron Gearheads

    For applications requiring high performance and easy installation.

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