Parvalux by maxon

Parvalux is a renowned brand with a rich history as a leading manufacturer of automation components.

With a legacy rooted in excellence, Parvalux products are synonymous with reliability and superior performance.

Parvalux specializes in providing a comprehensive range of gearboxes and motor units.

Their product line encompasses a diverse selection of high-quality solutions tailored to meet the unique requirements of various industries.

From precision gearboxes for robotics and automation to compact and powerful motor units for industrial applications, Parvalux offers a wide array of options to suit different needs.

The gearboxes manufactured by Parvalux are designed with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring optimal efficiency and seamless operation. They are built to withstand demanding conditions and deliver consistent performance, making them a trusted choice for critical applications. Whether you require precise motion control or robust power transmission, Parvalux gearboxes are engineered to meet the most demanding specifications.

In addition to their exceptional gearboxes, Parvalux offers a range of motor units that are compact, efficient, and reliable. These motor units integrate seamlessly with their gearboxes, providing a complete and integrated solution for various motion control applications. From small electric motors for intricate mechanisms to powerful motors for heavy-duty industrial operations, Parvalux motor units are designed to deliver high-performance and reliable power transmission.

At Electromate, we are proud to be the trusted distributor of Parvalux's reliable gearboxes and motor units. We understand the importance of selecting the right components for your applications, and our partnership with Parvalux allows us to provide you with access to industry-leading products that you can rely on.

Choose Parvalux from Electromate for reliable gearboxes and motor units that deliver exceptional performance, precision, and durability. Whether you need a gearbox for intricate robotics or a motor unit for demanding industrial machinery, Parvalux has the solution to meet your specific requirements.

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