Sumitomo Precision & Advanced Gearboxes

Sumitomo Drive Technologies is a trusted provider of high quality power transmission and controls solutions for over 130 years. Since 1966, Sumitomo has served the North and South American region, providing sales and support to customers in a variety of industries. These industries include:

Sumitomo Product Lines we Provide:

FINE CYCLO High Precision Gearboxes

FINE CYCLO® reducers excel in applications where you demand precise positioning, such as robotics and automation; and feature:

  • Zero backlash
  • Minimal lost motion
  • High-torsional stiffness

E CYCLO Elastic CycloShaft Gear Units

High precision shaft gear with output flange and high rigidity

The new E CYCLO series features high rigidity due to its internal roller bearings. This is significantly higher when compared to the competition. Therefore, the E CYCLO can achieve higher performance in a smaller design envelope and thus lower costs.

  • High Rigidity
  • Lost Motion 1.0 arcmin
  • Transmission error 0.75 arcmin
  • Maximum drive speed up to 8500 rpm
  • Permissible torques up to 284 Nm
  • Radial loads up to 2050 N
  • Axial loads up to 3000 N
  • Completely sealed including cross roller main bearing

Cyclo Drive for Servo Motors

Reducer featuring high strength and reliability, thanks to its unique Cyclo® mechanism

  • Cyclo® reducer with a flange, for servo motors.
  • Utilizes unique Cyclo® mechanism for durability and long product life

Two Series:

  • Standard-Backlash Series
  • Low-Backlash Series: 6 arc min (12 arc min for reduction ratio 6)

Servo Hyponic

Requires no oil changes and up to 93% efficient. 

  • Maintenance-free grease lubrication eliminates oil changes
  • A wide range of choices (up to 13,100 N·m) to accommodate all types of uses.
  • Modular design allows for multiple gearheads and motor combinations for increased service factor.
  • A variety of industry packages and options are available, including grease lubrication, antibacterial coating, waterproofing, and low-temperature requirements.

Servo Bevel Buddybox 4

A robust, state-of-the-art, mid-sized family of speed reducers and gearmotors. The Cyclo BBB4 has a unique combination of features that result in a highly reliable, efficient, and durable gearbox. The all-steel internal construction, Cyclo or planetary gear inputs, and the ductile iron housing, provide unmatched ruggedness. Also available as a mixer drive with an integrated drywell and space-saving footprint. BBBH design available for low ratio options.

  • All-Steel Internal Components
  • Highly Efficient
  • Standard Ductile Iron Housing
  • Integrated Cycloidal Technology
  • Maintenance Free Options Available

Sumitomo Videos:

Sumitomo's Smartris is a plug and play actuator for AGV's and AMR's. 

The Fine Cyclo is a zero backlash gearbox designed for industries such as robotics, machine tool, and packaging.

Introduction to our new strain wave gearbox. Combining cycloidal technology with a standard strain wave gear!

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