The world’s smallest and most precise industrial robot arm

Mecademic was founded in 2012 in Montreal, Canada. The company’s name is a combination of mechanics and academic, and represents its beginnings in academia. Mecademic are the designers and manufacturers of the world’s smallest and most precise industrial robot arms. Their product offerings include industrial robots, end-effectors, and accessories. 

Mecademic's latest generation of robots specialize in automating precision tasks and delicate manipulations. They are simple, flexible, and built for optimal performance. All their robots are plug & work automation components. They have a tiny footprint and low overall cost, and are easy to integrate and operate. These products are designed, manufactured, and assembled in Montreal, Canada, using the industry’s highest quality components. Learn more about all the product solutions by Mecademic that are available at Electromate. 

Mecademic Product Lines We Provide:

Meca500 Six-Axis Articulated Robot

Saves space, lowers costs, and maximizes flexibility in any automation application. Designed and manufactured in Canada using the highest quality components. This robot is a slave component rather than a master, which makes it easy to integrate via any computer or PLC. It doesn’t require any training courses, software installations, or additional option purchases.

MEGP 25E electric parallel gripper

Developed in collaboration with SCHUNK, our highly compact electric parallel gripper is fully integrated with the Meca500 and features adjustable gripping velocity and force.

MPM500 pneumatic module

Pneumatic module that allows you to interface your Meca500 with various pneumatic tools. Use it to actuate pneumatic grippers, operate vacuum suction cups, or control automatic tool chargers.

Mecademic Robot Arm Applications:


Automate robotic assembly with Mecademic’s precise and compact robot arms. Learn how to add flexibility to your assembly-line design and reduce tolerances.

Pick & Place

Need to automate pick and place tasks like material handling, bin picking, kitting, or packaging? Discover our small and compact industrial robots.

Inspection & Testing

Need to test your product or accurately displace sensors? Improve your automated inspection system with Mecademic’s precise and space-efficient robot arms.


Looking to improve product quality? Automate robotic dispensing of sealants, adhesives, lubricants, and more with Mecademic’s precise and compact robots.

Machine Tending

Looking for a compact automated machine tending solution? Learn how to save production space and costs with our automation robots.


Searching for ultra precise micro-manipulation solutions to work with microscopic samples? Learn about our precise and small six-axis industrial robot arms.

Mecademic Product Videos:

What are robot singularities?

The world's smallest six-axis industrial robot arm


Robot arm repeating within 5 micrometers!

Assessing the path accuracy of the Meca500 robot arm

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  1. MCS500 SCARA by Mecademic
    MCS500 SCARA

    Compact, high-precision automation at your fingertips.

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  2. Meca500 by Mecademic

    The world’s smallest, most precise six-axis industrial robot arm.

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  3. Meca500 EtherCat Master Controller Kit by Mecademic
    Meca500 EtherCat Master Controller Kit

    A ready-to-go pre-configured kit only available at Electromate.

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  4. MEGP 25E Electric Parallel Gripper by Mecademic
    MEGP 25E Electric Parallel Gripper

    Easily control gripping speed and force with Mecademic’s ultra-compact electric parallel gripper

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  5. Pneumatic Module MPM500 by Mecademic
    Pneumatic Module MPM500

    Controls various pneumatic end-of-arm-tooling components directly from the Meca500

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