SMARTSHIFT Robotics' universal tool changer system allows for fast and easy deployment/redeployment of tools, managing multiple tasks in production.

A tool changer is a device that's fixed on the wrist of the robot, and allows the robotic cell to switch easily and quickly switch between tools. This means having several tools in the one area to completing a particular set of tasks. If an operation requires assembly, testing, and material handling, the tool changer takes each tool and switches them one after the other to complete the required tasks. 

SMARTSHIFT's automatic tool changer clutch enables the robot to change to new tasks and tools, replace a damaged or worn-out tool in seconds, and obtain shorter cycle time with non-stop productivity for any application

SMARTSHIFT Tool Changer Features:

  • Enables robots to automate changing of tools in seconds and perform various work tasks in all collaborative applications.
  • Changes faulty or worn-out tools within seconds without stopping, minimizing production downtime.
  • Saves 15-20 minutes each time tool needs to be changed.
  • Eliminates the need for specially designed tool changer.
  • Gives greater use of robot payload. Weighs only 100-400g.
  • Modular. Can be upgraded from a range of manual and automatic clutches; enabling mechanical, pneumatic, and electrical connection.
  • Contributes to an improvement in product quality and productivity with fast tool changing tools that are of high speed/high precision.

The patented SMARTSHIFT design and functionality provides a new standard for tool changing in the robotic industry.

With universal compatibility, low weight and easy-to-connect design, SMARTSHIFT can be integrated with almost all lightweight industrial and collaborative robots and tools.

This includes the Universal Robots Line available here

SMARTSHIFT Tool Changer Applications:

Material Finishing

Painting, polishing, sanding, drilling and milling and other tasks is ideal with a tool changer as it operates with consistently flow and precisely placement. You can easily operate and switch from polishing to painting with the tool pockets.



Laser, ultrasonic, soldering and spot welding can be improved by our tool changer that secures high quality and precision. You can add the tool pocket, so the robot can operate and switch between tools and tasks autonomously in the production line.

Quality Testing

Testing, inspection and measuring can be difficult for workers to do repeatedly. With tool changer clutch, you can continually maintain high quality inspection and testing by high precision and consistency.


Screw and nut driving, inserting, mounting and positioning and produce repeatable accurate assembly processes with high precision and high speed is one of SMARTSHIFT key features.

Machine Tending

CNC, injection moulding, cutting, metal casting, press and processes can be done easily with tool changer clutch that consistently and repeatedly follow exact processes without risk of errors.

Palletizing / Packing

Sorting, packaging, labelling and palletizing you need a quick tool changer clutch, that assists different tools to pick up a wide range of materials. Makes warehousing and supply chain operations faster and more efficient.


Product Introduction

Precision Test

Changing Tools Automatically with Tool Pocket

Changing Tools Manually

Moving the Robot Using the Table Base

Attaching Electric Robot Master

SMARTSHIFT Tool Changer Products:

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  1. Mechanical Tool Changer Set by SMARTSHIFT Robotics
    Mechanical Tool Changer Set

    One robot master and two tool holders with optional M8 Electrical connections.

  2. Automatic Tool Changer Set by SMARTSHIFT Robotics
    Automatic Tool Changer Set

    One robot master, two tool holders, and two tool pockets with optional M8 connection.

  3. Basic Tool Changer Set by SMARTSHIFT Robotics
    Basic Tool Changer Set

    One light robot master and two light tool holders.

  4. Workstation Switching Set by SMARTSHIFT Robotics
    Workstation Switching Set

    Contains two baseplates for tables and one master base for robot.

  5. Robot Tool Changer Master (Gen III) by SMARTSHIFT Robotics
    Robot Tool Changer Master (Gen III)

    The primary component of a tool changer that attaches to the robot.

  6. Robot Tool Changer Holder by SMARTSHIFT Robotics
    Robot Tool Changer Holder

    The secondary component of a tool changer that attaches to the tool.

  7. Tool Changer Tool Pocket by SMARTSHIFT Robotics
    Tool Changer Tool Pocket

    For switching between tools that are connected to the Tool Changer Holder

  8. Master Base for Universal Robot by SMARTSHIFT Robotics
    Master Base for Universal Robot

    When you have one robot to switch between multiple workstations. Attaches to the robot.

  9. Baseplate for Universal Robot by SMARTSHIFT Robotics
    Baseplate for Universal Robot

    When you have one robot to switch between multiple workstations. Attaches to workstation.

  10. Manifold Pneumatic by SMARTSHIFT Robotics
    Manifold Pneumatic

    An optional tool attached when air is needed in vacuum applications.

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