Universal Robots Collaborative Robots

Universal Robots has developed a next-generation collaborative robotic arm or "cobot." Cobots are extraordinarily flexible and easy to use in any production line.

They are simple for any non-robot expert to re-program, and are quickly moved around production facilities. These traits make Universal Robots perfect for your robot cell, with minimal setup time.

UR robots are the perfect solution for businesses and corporations of all sizes. These cobots are incredibly lightweight and easy to use, making them the ideal option for companies in various industries.

With Universal Robots, you'll be able to streamline your manufacturing process and increase your productivity like never before!

Universal Robot Applications

  • Pick and Place: This 6-axis arm can be utilized for easy pick and place tasks where objects are picked from a location or manufacturing line and placed in another location, such as boxing or a second manufacturing line.
  • CNC: With the ability to outmaneuver a traditional CNC with 3-4 degrees of movement, the universal robot arm is perfect for milling, drilling, turning, deburring, and routing.
  • Packaging and Palletizing: Compared to a human manual process, packaging and palletizing robots bring productivity, accuracy, and speed. Assigning a Universal Robot arm to do these tasks will save time and costly mistakes.
  • Injection Molding: Ideal for accurate handling of injection molds while reaching in and out of the molding machine.
  • Assembly: These universal robotic arms can be used to put products together, including handling small parts, screwdriving, and insertion.
  • Dispensing: Automate your assembly line with fast, repeatable gluing, sealing, or painting without waste, mess, or errors.
  • Finishing: Polish, sand, and grind surfaces on your production line with accuracy and consistency.
  • Welding: Weld quickly and easily without the added safety concerns of traditional welding systems.
  • Sanding: Easily and efficiently automate sanding with no programming required.

The Universal Robots e-Series

In 2018, a brand-new generation of Universal Robots' cobots called e-Series was launched raising the standard for collaborative robots. The 'e' in e-Series stands for empowering, ease of use, and everyone. The e-Series consist of four cobots: the UR3e, UR5e, UR10e, and finally the UR16e which was launched in 2019. The CB Series have a built-in Force/Torque sensor In comparison to the previous generation, and have a higher accuracy for:

  • Position repeatability (± 0.03, ± 0.03 and ± 0.05 mm)
  • Force (± 3.5, ± 4.0 and ± 5.5 N)
  • Torque (± 0.10, ± 0.30 and ± 0.60 Nm)

The e-Series also added a few more safety features, re-designed the teach pendant to be more intuitive and simplified the programming flow with more wizards.


Reach: 500mm / 19.7in

Payload: 3kg / 6.6lb

Footprint: Ø 128mm

Weight: 11.2kg / 24.7lb

Reach: 850mm / 33.5in

Payload: 5kg / 11lb

Footprint: Ø 149mm

Weight: 20.6kg / 45.4lb

Reach: 1300mm / 51.2in

Payload: 12.5kg / 27.55lb

Footprint: Ø 190mm

Weight: 33.5kg / 73.9lb

Reach: 900mm / 35.4in

Payload: 16kg / 35.3lb

Footprint: Ø 190mm

Weight: 33.1kg / 73lb

Cobot Safety

Universal Robots’ collaborative robots work with personnel with no safety guarding, which makes them perfect for tasks that are dangerous or difficult to automate. The safety settings of the latest generation of Universal Robots’ lightweight cobots can be adjusted for each specific solution, so you can customize the robot to fit your needs. Relieving your staff of dangerous or dull jobs can reduce repetitive strain or injuries, creating a safer work environment.

The universal robot arm is an advanced piece of machinery capable of running in two operating modes of safety functions. This ensures that the cobot remains safe and compliant during its operation, regardless of the situation. A switch between safety settings is possible, giving your team more control over the robot's behavior. Each of these safety functions is certified by TÜV NORD and meets the safety rating PLd (EN ISO 13849)

Connected Through The Cloud

Available through the UR+ ecosystem, remote access tools allow you to troubleshoot and program your UR cobot securely from remote locations, through your laptop, PC or smartphone.

The benefits of remote access are clear at any time –ensure continuity, reduce downtime and eliminate both the need for on site robot programming and the cost of flying robot engineers in to troubleshoot. 

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