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Electromate designs robotics and mechatronic solutions that help aerospace and aviation companies improve their output and streamline their operations.

Electromate is your trusted supplier of high-performance electric and automation components for the aerospace and aviation industry.

Our experts at Electromate understand the aerospace and aviation sector, and can help you choose the best automation technologies based on proven industry standards and the latest technological developments.

Electromate’s aerospace and aviation automation systems are used for quicker manufacturing times with consistent quality where precision matters, and excel in performing intricate tasks that involve complex and delicate movements, such as wing tip alignment, riveting and material handling. No matter your needs, discover how Electromate can help you enhance your production line with automated aviation and aerospace systems.

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Benefits of Implementing Automated Solutions:

  • Precision Dispensing - Zero material waste when using our automated dispensing solutions, so your waste costs stay low.
  • Hazardous Material Handling - Eliminate the need for employees handling the application of hazardous materials with automated robotic arms and grippers
  • Component Construction - Improve the quality and speed of your production line, along with the benefits of a reduced labor cost.
  • Enhanced Safety - Increase safety for your employees by monitoring dangerous environments, complete hazardous tasks safely, and decrease the likelihood of accidents.
  • Increased Production - Drastically improve output on your production line with the help of robotics, whether you opt to fully or partially automate.

Custom Support for Your Solution:

Electromate’s solution experts can help aerospace and aviation companies find the right solution for their needs. With our component manufacturing partners and skilled engineers, we can provide tailored solutions for your specific needs.

Our experts at Electromate have the knowledge of the latest technology, as well as an understanding of the aerospace and aviation industry requirements to help you find the cost-effective solutions at a competitive price.

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Aerospace/Aviation Whitepapers:

maxon motors for aerospace

maxon motor DC motors drive the Mars rovers and have been operating on Mars for more than ten years. For helicopters, passenger planes, or spacecraft, we offer customized precision and a vast support network that guarantees high standards.

Brushless Motors for Nanosatellites

Nanosatellites like those developed by Clyde Space, a Scottish company, depend on brushless DC motors for aerospace from maxon motor. Nanosatellites, also known as CubeSats, are miniaturized satellites that are used primarily for space research. At 10 x 10 x 10 cm big and less than 1 kg in weight, these cost-effective miniature satellites have many applications within space research.

maxon Motors for Aircraft Air Conditioning Systems

When in flight, the air becomes thin, particularly at altitudes of 11 km above sea level. This is where modern pressure cabins and environmental control systems (ECS) come into play; they create and maintain a comfortable atmosphere in commercial aircraft. When Boeing was designing their 787 Dreamliner, they utilized a special air-conditioning system to improve passenger comfort for long distance flights. This air conditioning system used brushless maxon DC motors, spur gearheads, and resolver combinations to ensure a comfortable climate at high altitudes.

Motion Simulation Using the Tolomatic IMA Linear Servo Actuators

A manufacturer of motion simulator machines wanted to replace an existing hydraulic system with an electric actuator to simulate vibrations (frequencies from 30-50 Hz) and other disturbances experienced in real world situations in aerospace and defense applications. Although the hydraulics could achieve the aggressive high frequency moves, the hydraulic system tended to leak, require regular maintenance and could be too loud in the training environment. Additionally, the manufacturer required an electric actuator solution without the use of external cooling systems such as water or oil to remove heat from the actuator.

Actuators for Aviation – Aircraft Mechanical Actuators

Actuators are used for a range of applications within the aviation industry, such as controlling and limiting velocity and engine speed by adjusting levers and flaps. Actuators are devices that convert electrical signals to mechanical movement or other physical variables such as pressure and temperature. Actuators play an active role in the control systems of aircrafts. Electromate supplies maxon motors like those used in aircrafts and the aviation industry along with aircraft mechanical actuators. 

EC45 Flat Motors for Air Cushion Systems – Maxon EC45 Flat Motors for Aircraft

maxon motors are a central component of each air cushion system. Each aircraft seat is integrated with a maxon motor – a brushless maxon EC45 flat motor – that drives the vane pump of the air cushion. By varying how much air fills the air chambers, passengers can easily switch between firm and soft settings. Electromate supplies EC45 flat motors from maxon motors like those used for air cushion systems in aircraft. 

Maxon Motors for Mars Rovers – Maxon Motors for Space Exploration

Research on Mars has advanced tremendously in the last 20+ years. Precision drives by maxon motors have made an important contribution in these advancements. In four missions by the US space authority NASA, products of the Swiss company have reached the surface of Mars. Data collected during these projects, in part thanks to maxon motors for Mars rovers, bring us closer to the goal of a manned mission to Mars. Additionally, the data gathered from these missions has allowed maxon motors to further improve their products here on Earth.