Agriculture & Forestry

Advanced agricultural automation is no longer a future requirement; it is a necessity driven by the need for precision farming and the desire to transform machines into all-electric solutions. We have the expertise to help you implement a full solution, from controls and HMI's to motors and actuators. Connectivity, automation and data analysis offer a strategic competitive advantage to the farmer of the future.

Automated vertical farming is made possible by efficient automation. Sophisticated robotic solutions like cartesian systems coupled with a distributed controls architecture are transforming the industry. They track the health and quality of the plants, collect images for analysis, and move samples around.

Demanding applications in the forestry and lumber industry have long been the staple of hydraulic actuators. Today's heavy duty and rugged electric actuators have the force density to meet application requirements and do so safely and efficiently. Sealed actuators are, clean, quiet, low maintenance and maintain their performance over the long-term.

When you have a challenging project, Electromate is ready to help. We have over 200 years of automation and motion control experience to help you find the perfect solution.

Agricultural Automation Component Providers

Provides powerful, maintenance-free roller screw actuators for agricultural applications

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ElectroCraft has application experience and know-how to assist with agricultural automation challenges

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Macron is using vertical farming technology for efficient automation in the agricultural industry

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MTS carries sensors for tractors, harvesters, and specialized implements

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Wide range of specialized encoders for various agricultural applications

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From animal health to feed control, Tolomatic has a solution for your agricultural market needs

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Agricultural Automation Focused Whitepapers

Animal Health Using the Tolomatic ERD Rod Cylinder & ACS Drive

An automated vaccine delivery and product transfer machine for eggs was using pneumatically driven rod cylinders for the inoculation process. The motion needed to be very smooth to facilitate the inoculation process and a switch to electric motion technology was desired. 

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