This industry comprises manufacturers primarily engaged in providing telecommunication hardware and services to other establishments in the telecommunications and broadcasting industries by forwarding and receiving communications signals via a system of satellites.

Manufacturers in this industry demand high-precision, high reliability and operation in extreme environments, where the performance of a component is often more important than its price.

Whitepapers from our Manufacturers

Camera Stabilization with maxon Drives

maxon motors are used in camera stabilizer systems, allowing aerial images to be taken with clarity and accuracy. Photo Higher, a company based in New Zealand, designs, develops, and manufactures precision camera gimbal systems for Vertical Takeoff and Landing (VTOL) Rotary Wing Unmanned Aircraft Systems. Gimbals provide users a stable and level platform from which to capture high-quality aerial images and must be lightweight, smooth, and stable.

Maxon Motors for Digital Cameras

Electromate supplies maxon motors like those used within the Leica S Digital SLR camera system for sharp photographs. Contact us today to learn more! Digital SLR cameras can take extremely sharp photographs regardless of the level of skill of the photographer – whether hobbyist or professional. The technology inside these cameras plays a crucial role in the photo quality.

Theater Prop Actuation Using the Tolomatic RSA50

A premier manufacturer of moving stage displays for top tier entertainers designed an overhead lighting device that transforms from a globe into individual petals forming a flower. Each "petal" needed to be actuated independently. The entire structure needed to be as lightweight as possible to attach above the stage in diverse locations and to minimize shipping costs since the display was to be transported globally. High ticket prices and large concert revenues at each event required a highly reliable actuator solution with 100% safety and no risk of failure.