Government & Military

If you design and build motion systems for use in aircraft, naval vessels or on the battlefield, one overriding principle drives everything you do: failure is not an option.  Surveillance, defense and weapons systems need to respond instantly, accurately and reliably, 100 percent of the time, even under the harshest conditions and most demanding duty cycles. 

These systems must also meet requirements of weight, size, efficiency, and performance that go far beyond the needs of typical industrial solutions.  Customized solutions and ITAR compliance are common requirements for this industry. Electromate supplies defense & military motion control solutions designed with these strict requirements in mind.

Whitepapers from our Manufacturers

Galil Motion Controllers for Remote Controlled Vehicles

Strategic Operations, Inc. (STOPS) in San Diego, California, specializes in creating Hyper-Realistic™ training environments for military, law enforcement, and homeland security purposes. They have provided this unique training to over 450,000 Marines, soldiers, and Coast Guard personnel in order to prepare them for the hostile environments they may face. STOPS focuses on providing the most realistic environments in which to train, including movie-industry special effects, actual military tactics, and props that can range from entire villages and buildings to live actors and realistic dummies.

Galil DMC-4020 Motion Controllers for Border Patrol

With an estimated 850,000 people unlawfully entering the United States since 2002, U.S. Border Patrol agents are tasked with monitoring over 6,000 miles of land along the US-Mexican and US-Canadian borders. To assist in their monumental task, they employ helicopters, canine units, the Texas Rangers, unmanned drones, all-terrain vehicles, watchtowers, and 20-foot tall steel walls. All of these tools are still not enough.