Industrial Automation Subsystems

Electromate excels in industrial automation, offering subsystems designed for diverse applications including manufacturing, quality control, and material handling. Their product range, featuring programmable logic controllers, I/O modules, and computer-based systems, focuses on elevating mechanization to advanced automation.

These solutions address critical needs such as distributed fieldbus communication, interoperability, safety standards compliance, and open-source communication. With components like sensors, control modules, and actuators, Electromate's subsystems integrate seamlessly into larger systems, enhancing efficiency and productivity while offering flexibility and scalability in industrial settings.

Whitepapers from our Manufacturers

Galil Controller Allows for On Demand Book Covers

Through the partnership of GP2 Technology and Galil, the automated GP2 system can now yield hard book covers or cases “on demand” due to the high precision Galil controller. The GP2 Autocase CS2 machine registers the front and back panels of the case to the covering material, folding the cover to make a finished case, which then goes into binding operations.

Underwater Pipe Inspection Vehicles

In order to inspect power plant flooded pipes, you need skilled and high-precision handling. Any robotic vehicle traversing underwater pipelines needs to be optimized accordingly. The seawater manipulator is able to maneuver through underwater pipes performing inspections. RE Motors by Maxon motor are responsible for the dynamic drive of the robot.

Motion Controllers for Engraving Machines

When there is an increased demand for quality hand-engravings on items like jewelry, cell phones, and knives, but not enough skilled hands to produce the work in mass, what is one to do? With the design of Leonardo Di Benedetto, Artesà developed a machine to effectively mimic the craftsmanship of hand engraving.

Automated Quilting with Motion Controller

Statler Stitching and Galil Motion Control products have combined to produce a quilting machine that can automate the quilting process without sacrificing on creativity or quality. The Stitcher machine is known for its perfect stitching quality and usability, allowing quilters to select or create designs that the machine then quilts.

Motion Controllers for Diamond Engraving

PhotoScribe Technologies, TeoSys Engineering, and Galil Motion Control have combined to create a user-friendly and safe laser system capable of engraving a diamond. This system, the Excimer laser, combines custom software with a Galil DMC-1822 motion controller to allow for the precise inscription of a diamond.

maxon Heavy Duty Motors for Drilling

Measurement While Drilling (MWD) uses measurement modules behind a drill head. The control system measures angle, vibration, and drilling speed. The “pulser” unit sends the collected information back to the surface, across thousands of meters, through pulses in the drill mud (MPT – Mud Pulse Telemetry).

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