Puzzle Medical Devices

Puzzle Medical Devices Inc. is a Canadian company specializing in the development of a minimally invasive long-term hemodynamic transcatheter pump.

By combining advances in heart surgery and interventional cardiology, Puzzle Medical renders hemodynamic support safer, more accessible and more economical. This results in:

  • Increased accessibility
  • Improved patient quality of life
  • Reduction of the global economic burden related to the disease

To date, Puzzle Medical has successfully completed acute in-vivo preclinical implantation with tremendous success. Electromate is proud to be a Puzzle Medical Devices partner, supplying products like the PMD hemodynamic transcatheter pumps and brushless motors for medical pumps.

An estimated 26 million patients suffer from heart failure worldwide, resulting in a global healthcare spending of $108B. While great improvements in chronic heart failure therapy have been achieved in the last couple of decades, mortality and readmission rates have seen a limited impact.

Patients with advanced heart failure − refractory to medical therapy − are often at increased risk for conventional surgical left ventricular assist device implantation. Even with optimal patient care, cumulating to yearly spending of $28B in the United States, these patients have a 2-year survival rate of 50% and limited quality of life.

Puzzle Medical's focus is to improve patient quality of life and reduce the global economic burden related to heart failure. Puzzle Medical is developing a proprietary transcatheter heart pump associated with minimal trauma to the blood components, allowing for safe and efficient heart support without open-heart surgery.

Electromate is extremely proud to be an extension of Puzzle Medical Devices' team. Working together, we've been able to help source a custom miniature brushless motor that's the perfect fit for Puzzle Medical's needs. 

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