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Galil Motion Control is the leading supplier of high-performance, cost-effective and easy-to-use controllers with over 750,000 controllers installed world-wide.  Galil's complete line of Motion Controllers includes single and multi-axis; bus-based and stand-alone; and box-level and card-level controllers.  The Accelera Series offers the highest speed and performance while the Econo Series is designed for the lowest cost.  Galil's Single-Axis controller series offers cost-effective, compact solutions for single-axis applications.

GALIL DMC-4080-4040

Galil also offers many software tools for use with your controller such as communication utilities, servo tuning, and programming API for interface to C/C++, Visual Basic, LabVIEW or other programming environments.

Galil's ultra-high-speed Accelera Series represents its 5th generation motion controllers.   Pumped up with a powerful RISC processor, the Accelera series race along at much higher speeds than prior generation controllers.  Features of the Accelera series include:

  • Processes commands in 40 microseconds–10 times faster than prior generation
  • Accepts encoder inputs as fast as 22MHz
  • Servo loop updates as high as 32kHz
  • Available in 1- through 8-axis models
  • Mix-and-Match steppers and servos
  • Handles virtually any mode of motion with ease
  • Expanded memory for variables, arrays and programs
  • Multitasking for running eight programs simultaneously
  • Optically isolated inputs and outputs
  • 8 uncommitted analog inputs
  • Accepts two encoders for every servo axis
  • Plug-in, multi-axis drives for DMC-40x0 save space, power and cost

View a 2minute YouTube video on the features of Galil's Accelera Series Ethernet Motion Controller:  Galil Accelera Series YouTube Video

View a 2minute YouTube video on Setting Up Galil's Plug N' Play Motion Controllers

The DMC-500x0 EtherCAT Master Multi-Axis Motion Controller is Galil Motion Control's newest entry in its latest generation of AGALIL DMC5000ccelera digital motion controllers. The DMC-500x0 is offered in 1 through 8 axis formats. Axes 1 - 4 can be configured as either local or EtherCAT drives while axes 5 – 8 can be configured for additional EtherCAT drives. Unique to the motion control industry, this ability to mix and match local and EtherCAT drives on the same controller provides increased flexibility for any application. In addition, the DMC-500x0 is fully compatible with Galil's internal servo and stepper motor amplifiers as well as third party external drives.

Introducing the DMC-52xx0 EtherCAT Master, Galil's first 32 axis motion controller. This new addition to Galil's EtherCAT family is a pure EtherCAT controller with the ability to control up to 32 drives and 2 I/O modules. This space efficient package also provides uncommitted I/O for easy integration into any EtherCAT application. 

Galil's DMC-41x3 Econo Series motion controllers deliver precise, multi-axis control in a low-cost package. Prices for the 4-axis Econo controllers are as low as $395 US/ea in 1,000 quantities which is less than $100 US per axis. Econo controllers don't stint on performance and can handle any mode of motion with precision and ease. Advanced coordinated motion allows for tightly coupled, high-speed motion among axes without having to burden the host computer.  Features of the Econo series include:

  • Mix-and-Match steppers and servos
  • Handles virtually any mode of motion with ease
  • 1000+ lines x 80 chr program memory; 8000+ element arrays; 254+ variables
  • Multitasking for running eight programs simultaneously
  • Uncommitted inputs and outputs
  • Add-on amplifier options for DMC-41x3
  • Compact size

Galil’s complete family of single and multi-axis controllers and software includes:

Multi-Axis Controllers

  • DMC-40x0 Series - 10/100Base-T Ethernet/RS232 Accelera Series 1-8 axis Controllers
  • DMC-41x3 Series - 10/100Base-T Ethernet/USB Econo Series 1-8 axis Controllers
  • DMC-50x0 Series - EtherCAT Master Multi-Axis Motion Controller, 1-8 axes EtherCAT/1-4 axes Local
  • DMC-42x0 Series - 10/100Base-T Ethernet/RS232 Accelera Series 1-8 axis Controllers

Galil DMC 41x3 with AMP 43540

Single-Axis Controllers

  • DMC-300xx Series - 10/100Base-T Ethernet/RS232 1 axis Controller with optional 800W Servo Drive

Galil DMC 30016 Hi Res

Prior Generation Products

Software Products



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