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The explosion-proof MX Series provides hazardous-duty stepper motors suitable for use in Class 1, Division 1, Group D locations. They are available in NEMA 34 and 42 frame sizes (90 and 110 mm), and provide minimum holding torques from 1.27 to 9.82 N-m (180 to 1390 oz-in).


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CertificationsExplosion proof, UL listed Class 1, Division 1, Group D
Gearing TypeMotor Only
Max Current Per Phase (A)6
Max Holding Torque (mNm)1,270.00
Max Holding Torque oz (in)180.00
Max Length (mm)78.20
Max Length (in)3.08
Max Operating Temperature (°C)40.00
Max Operating Temperature (°F)104.00
Shaft Diameter (mm)9.52
Shaft Diameter (in)0.38
Motor ConstructionHybrid Stepper
Motor ShapeSquare Body
Motor TypeStepper Motor
NEMA Frame Size34
Rotor Inertia (kg-m-s²)6.84E-06
Rotor Inertia (oz-in-s²)0.0095
Shaft OrientationIn-line|Single-ended|Double-ended (Optional)
Step Angle (°)1.8
NEMA 34 Frame Size, 1.27 Nm Holding Torque, 1.8 degrees Step Angle

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